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Very difficult to get to, but worth it. After you turn left on Blackhawk Rd, you’ll come to the first creek you have to drive through. I was able to get through this one in my Toyota Camry. Then, keep left until the second creek. I decided that one was too deep for my car, so I parked before it and walked through it and the third creek at the beginning of the trailhead. It doesn’t add much to the hike to do it this way. Most of the hike was pretty level but not very well marked - so it’s easy to take a wrong turn. Once you get to where the incline starts, just follow the creek all the way up: Very steep - like hands and knees steep at times. The waterfall is actually very tall, but mostly covered by foliage. So pictures don’t do it justice. Thanks to the couple whose driveway I got lost in trying to find this and gave me directions.

Definitely a favorite of mine. Very scenic! While the waterfall is beautiful it’s not the only thing to see.

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The trailhead was a little tricky to find, maybe because my directions left out the final turn onto Blackhawk road, new map got us there. Blackhawk is a rutted dirt road with several berms added for erosion. There is a creek crossing suitable for a car, and another that requires a 4x4. We parked our car just before the second crossing and walked in. After crossing the creek take the right fork in the road. Trail head is a logging road across Curtis Creek.. First couple miles follows the logging road, mostly sticking by the creek. Last section follows many smaller falls up to the main falls and around to the top. Very nice falls. Lots of slippery steep trail to get you dirty at the climbing portion of the trail. Very nice! We took our time, hung out, were in and out in 3.5 hours. Could be done much quicker. Several creek crossings, feet will get wet.

We love this place!!!❤️❤️❤️

half of the trail is on graveled road which is not fun to walk on. a portion had had a recent burn and was grown up with weeds. and there was no waterfall on the red trail which is the one marked on the map. do not recommend.

Poorly marked. Roads are rock:gravel. Miserable experience.

Trail can be hard to find! Like everyone says I recommend a truck or 4 wheel drive to get through two creeks. Trail has a lot of fallen trees but overall easy to follow until you get near the waterfall. Follow the orange thumbtacks! We went a little off trail and ended up on top of some copper heads

4 months ago

The first two miles you're going to wonder why it's classified as "hard." This hike will take you to the very top of the waterfall where it gets the most tricky. You really are climbing/scrambling and the trail can be pretty wet and muddy adding to the difficulty We hadn't realized it at first, but the trail is marked with ORANGE THUMBTACKS. These little suckers will be your best friend. You'll need a truck or SUV to get past the two creeks before the trail. There's another creek right at the beginning of the hike so you will start off with wet shoes! Great hike, but pictures will not do it justice.

Beautiful falls

4 months ago

Difficult hike. Not super long but lots of huge fallen trees. Trail is not clearly marked. You will get your shoes wet. You will be on your hands and knees at times. Well worth it, however.

5 months ago

Amazing hidden gem. Definitely plan to protect yourself against the ticks though - we pulled 20+ off my husband and 12+ off our dog. They were in the dog’s ears and in between his toes!!! Like other reviewers said, I’d bring your 4WD vehicle if possible because you need to cross two creeks to get to the trailhead. If you don’t have one, you could always park further up the road and cross the creeks by foot. Recommend wearing whatever shoes you’re comfortable getting your feet wet in!

fun but challenging in places well worth any climbing or log jams

Cool hike up there love the last little bit of the climbe up to the falls, made the whole hike worth it.

Amazing hike! The waterfall is absolutely as great as they say! The directions given by others in their reviews are the only way we got there. Thank you everyone!!

This is one amazing waterfall. You will need a 4 wheel drive vehicle with good ground clearance as there are two water crossings on the drive in. Trail is fairly easy all but the last 1/4. Once you reach this point I would only suggest the experienced hiker continue as it is more of a climb to the top. While this climb is difficult and proper footwear is recommend, the effort is well worth it. This is one of the most beautiful sites I have visited in Georgia.

Great little trail. The view from the top was awesome. Definitely my new go to for a stroll. The rocks towards to top were a little slick.

Great for horses. Love the waterfall.

Moderate ok hike

8 months ago

Enjoyed the falls, easily accessible via the boardwalk trail. Did the whole loop / Interpretive Trail—Lower elevation wandered through lush rhododendrons, ferns and other evergreens. The trail does go through a lot of clear cut area but there are some mountain views before descending back to the river. I mapped 3.5 miles from parking area and back.
*Follow the paved trail, under the bridge, continue along the boardwalk until the end. The falls are just beyond.

8 months ago

Great trail with little traffic and great views that takes up the mountain, if you follow the creek. Definitely one to come back during Spring. Had to cross over the creek twice so a all wheel drive or SUV is recommended, not too demanding but have to cross on foot the creek, so will get feet wet.

Cluster f#%k to try and get to. You need a Jeep to even reach the trail head. Do not recommend.

11 months ago

rewarding waterfall views; easy to get off the trail; last 1/2 mile up to waterfall is more a climb than a hike (tough) but definitely worth the effort.

11 months ago

This waterfall is majestic. Trail is not well used, so have to pay attention and follow the creek up the mountain. Scenery is very beautiful as you get a couple miles in when the trail begins to follow directly alongside the creek/waterfalls going straight up the mountain. Difficult climb to the very top of the top waterfall, but we'll worth it. Pack a lunch and a days supply of cannabis for optimal experience. Oh yea, saw a 12ish ft long snake from the trail (about 15 ft away) that had red and black stripes, didn't see it's head. So just be aware and prepared. A machete or firearm would not be a bad idea

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Awesome! Half day for sure but totally worth it.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

TRAILHEAD: Trailhead is hard to find if your GPS goes off its rocker like mine did towards tail end of directions. But you'll take a left where you see a Cochran Cemetery sign and Blackhawk Drive. You'll cross over two small rivers (not deep).
Amazing cascading waterfalls!!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

difficult to find the trail head. follow the road across one creek then take the left fork. go across the second creek and take the right fork. park there and get across the next creek on foot. difficult hike/climb but well worth it! FOLLOW THE TRAIL MARKERS. don't make the same mistake I made and wear tennis shoes. pictures Don't do this falls justice. absolutely stunning.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

This is the WMA (aka hunting grounds) that just so happens to have a "trail" on it. It's actually just a gravel access road with a like .5 mile nature trail. Only cool part is the rapids, trail is bleh

I would not recommend these trail. The markings on the trails are lacking clarity.
There is a waterfall on these trails, but I was unable to find any markings as to where the falls were located. Fortunately there were people there riding horses that were able to guide us to it.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hard to find the trailhead and have to drive thru 2 creeks . Make sure you cross the creek and hike on the right side. Trail is over there. We learned that after traveling on the left side for a mile. Waterfalls are beautiful. Don’t go when it’s wet since rocks are very slippery and dangerous. Worth the effort to hike to the very top.

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