This is not Amicalola falls so the picture is very misleading. This is the Dawson forest WMA (aka hunting grounds) which happens to have a trail on it. The trail is more an access road with gravel. Not much to see anyways. The only decent part is the rapids which are very nice.

Stay to the right and you'll be fine. Once you reach the rock face climbing up to the water fall you are able to turn right and get on top. Be very careful through this part. It is a skinny and steep trail with trail makers the size of a large thumb tack(tacks are orange reflectors). The view at the top is worth the climb with large rock you can sit on right next to the fall.

19 days ago

I have done this one three times and when the trail is wet/muddy, I regret it and am nervous about slipping and getting hurt. However, when the conditions are dry, it seems like no big deal and I really enjoy myself. So definitely go after a dry period without any rain for a few days if possible.

Also if you have any microspikes or similar that you use in snow/ice, they will help on a trail like this where there are some steep areas. I don't there is any Class 3 climbing but some Class 2, here and there, but nothing major.

So this trail is kidn of overrated for being dangerous, but you still want to be very careful and avoid it when wet.

Great hike ! Really challenging the last quarter of a mile but the rest is relatively flat. Tons of waterfalls.

1 month ago

Beautiful area... hiked every trail or so I thought. Just like everyone else said they are in the middle of clearing the trees. So the trees that are marked are spray painted blue, which is also the same color as the trial marker, so this makes it hard to follow the path once at the top. Never found the waterfalls just a few cascades down by the river. The start of the trail is very cool with a wooden path.

This is NOT a hiking trail, it is maintained for horses and bicycles. You may hike there at NO cost. The trail fee is for the horse and bicycle users only. Beyond that, you may hike any place on the management area, you are not restricted to the trails. READ the INSTRUCTIONS at the trail head to save yourself some grief as well as $7.00 If you have any questions or concerns call the Georgia Forestry Commission in Dawsonville or the Georgia DNR in Gainesville at 770-535-5700 and request one of the Wildlife Technicians on Dawson Forest contact you.

2 months ago