Something to know before you go... you must have fishing and or hunting license or a GORP Pass (Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass) to hike this along with the pocket trail.

The trail is quite overgrown at the moment. And the waterfall was dry. I could see this being a good fall hike though.

nice winter hike

1 month ago

nice little trail took my kids and dog beautiful views

Nice and secluded with a beautiful waterfall at the end!

MUST HAVE LAND PASS or HUNTING LICENSE to enter. We didn't know this and drove on this not so great road with potholes to get here.... to find out that we couldn't use our cellphones to buy passes because there is no cell phone service . We didn't get to hike but I would love to go back with a Land Pass because the pictures look awesome! I think the top description should inform people to buy a land pass before driving to this area! Only giving 1 star because I haven't yet seen it and because of the road to get

3 months ago

Loved it !!!!

Fantastic gem in pigeon mountain area. Very dog friendly.

I love the boardwalk!!! Easy hike. The waterfalls were beautiful!!

What a nice little hike. Only about a mile but the waterfall at the end is outstanding.

lovely wildflowers and other bonuses for the explorer...

Absolutely love this trail! We went Saturday 4/21... reading the other reviews I thought there would be a lot more flowers then there were. I would wait another week or two and it should be fully bloomed... but still beautiful! The best time to go is early am when the birds are waking. I love watching the sun rise through the canopy. Whole trail is well covered all the way back to the falls. Which we’re running quite well. Took a 4 year old and she did good, still learning to watch where she’s placing her feet so a few spills but nothing major.

This is one of the lovelier hikes I have taken in a while! It seems spring may be the time to go; I could still see great views and the wildflowers were spectacular! I passed only one other person and had the entire trail to myself after that. To some reviewers' points, the trail is rugged, but even in my sandals, I had little trouble navigating it. The weather was a perfect 80 degrees and very windy (some of the larger snags were a bit nerve-racking)! The trail intersects with white and then orange and I got off track at that point, but I realized it pretty quick and backtracked. My hike was closer to 11 miles because of this, but I still enjoyed the flowers, the waterfalls, the rocks and snakes. Just beautiful.

Visited 4/11/2018. Stunning! Abundance of wildflowers, especially white trillium, phlox, bottlebrush, Virginia bluebells, celadine poppy, purple phacelia. Absolutely beautiful and so peaceful. At the end of the boardwalk, you may take the trail to the twin waterfall.

This loop is 10 miles, not 9. Recommend hiking in clockwise direction. Difficult footing in several stretches. Very rutted along the top for 2-3 miles from a bulldozer, I presume. Great view of McLemore Cove from the top. Not a trail I'd hike in the summer. Too much overgrowth. Views would be obscured except in winter. Many fallen trees. But well marked with blue blazes. It's been on my to-hike list for quite some time. Glad I did it, but doubt I'll return any time soon.

9 months ago

my husband and i love hiking and this place is at the top of are favorites list!! we will definitely be going back.

Hiked 11/4/17: Good trail. Pretty easy out and back. The water was very low, so not much of a waterfall but it was also fun to walk right up to the falls and explore the cave behind it. Fun for my puppy!

trail running
10 months ago

I agree that it's probably best to run this trail during the winter. It's not a trail that is properly maintained, it had a Lot of trees down. It was easy to see the blue trail markings though so I didn't get lost. You have to have a license to fish or hunt or a Lands Pass to park on the property so know that before you make the trip out. It's very technical for running but I had a great time. I didn't get to do the whole loop so I will be going back. I will probably bring a friend next time because you are very secluded on this trail.

Amazing day trip. You are supposed to have a Lands Pass to get in. Or a hunting license. If you have a small car, prepare for some serious potholes on the way in. The hike itself is easy. It's the rocks and side trails that are the real fun. we never made it to the end of the trail (excuse to go back) because of all the climbing, jumping, and plain old fun we where having on the rocks. Keep your app handy. If not careful, it is very easy to lose the main trail.

11 months ago

Recommend for winter only. Overgrown bushwacking on logging roads and streambeds. Mediocre views. You're better off doing the wildflower loop and hiking up the first quarter mile of pocket loop to see the waterfall.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Love this trail.
It's easy. Short.
And the waterfalls are a great reward.
Play your cards right in the spring, and be blown away by the beauty of the wildflowers!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Used to be my favorite place to hike. Most of the best views are easy climbs. Over the last decade climbers have come in huge hordes and really laid waste to the place. Most large formations have a big pile of wrappers(both Cliff Bar & Swisher) and chalk. I regularly find graffiti all over the place.

I used to be able to CAMP here but now that is against the rules because people refuse to respect it.

Rock Town is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Georgia. If you're going to climb there... clean up after yourselves.

very kid friendly trail that leads to a falls you can go in. It was very relaxing.

Very short trail but very easy and well maintained

Monday, May 22, 2017

Nice little easy trail. Seems to be very lightly trafficked and a little overgrown but nice for a quick walk.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

This trail is short to say the least,but to say the scenery is spectacular is an understatement. perfect trail for kids, lots of plants and animals for them to see. the walk is a little slick after a rain when the boardwalk ends. pure beauty.

God's garden. lush and beautiful on this early April day. so many natural flowers. overwhelms my soul!

takes your stress away...

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Great day for hiking mid 70's. Me and Millie dog knocked it out today in 3 hours

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