22 days ago

Love this trail.
It's easy. Short.
And the waterfalls are a great reward.
Play your cards right in the spring, and be blown away by the beauty of the wildflowers!!

Used to be my favorite place to hike. Most of the best views are easy climbs. Over the last decade climbers have come in huge hordes and really laid waste to the place. Most large formations have a big pile of wrappers(both Cliff Bar & Swisher) and chalk. I regularly find graffiti all over the place.

I used to be able to CAMP here but now that is against the rules because people refuse to respect it.

Rock Town is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Georgia. If you're going to climb there... clean up after yourselves.

very kid friendly trail that leads to a falls you can go in. It was very relaxing.

1 month ago

Very short trail but very easy and well maintained

Nice little easy trail. Seems to be very lightly trafficked and a little overgrown but nice for a quick walk.

This trail is short to say the least,but to say the scenery is spectacular is an understatement. perfect trail for kids, lots of plants and animals for them to see. the walk is a little slick after a rain when the boardwalk ends. pure beauty.

4 months ago

God's garden. lush and beautiful on this early April day. so many natural flowers. overwhelms my soul!

takes your stress away...

4 months ago

Great day for hiking mid 70's. Me and Millie dog knocked it out today in 3 hours

most fabulous trail in the rainy season this waterfall is just amazing and very unique! keep in mind it is a seasonal fall.

4 stars for one of the most unique waterfalls I've ever seen! There are huge walkthroughs, almost cave like. Pictures don't do it justice... enormous! (I'll post a pic with my friend which will hopefully give some scale.) A really nice, peaceful hike! Pretty flowers too!

Unique waterfall, nice boardwalks, pretty flowers in early Spring!

Tons of good moderates. Best boulders in the area by far.

5 months ago

I enjoyed this trail The entire route took about 5 hours. But we weren't in any hurry. Just enough elevation to be a little challenging with plenty to see. I would definitely do this north to south