My first trail out in Georgia, it was very peaceful, lots of hills

This is a great suburban park. The hard/soft trail allows for changes in scenery and elevation. The only drawback of this trail is that once you commit, you must submit. The ravines are so deep and the vegetation is so thick that you can only cut across at certain points. So make sure you hit the restrooms (which are available at the starting point) before you start. Otherwise, its either stay the course or turn back. See my tracks for 3 distance options.

I used the uploaded track to find this trail. If the track is correct, it is the paved path that goes around the Collins Hill Aquatic Center and Softball field. The paved path is easy and not overly crowded while I was there. About 1/4mile on the path there is a few picnic tables; just across from the picnic tables is a short in and back trail that lead to the Collins Hill High baseball field. On around the paved path I walked across a boarded bridge that lead to a neighborhood pond. Nice enough for strolling but not enough for an adventurous outing.

2 years ago

I chose to complete this trail after a knee injury. I wanted something short and sweet to get me back to hiking like I could before, and it did just that. There's nothing strenuous about this hike at all. It is the smallest loop that's a part of the Vickery Creek trail system, and you can certainly make this a longer hike if you would like. The trail is very close to traffic, so don't expect the peace and quiet of many other trails in the area.