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The Cohutta Wildlife Management Area is a huge area of forest in north Georgia, of more than 95,000 acres. This site covers only a small area along good gravel roads in the southern part of the WMA, but the whole area is worth exploring for those with the time and curiosity. This WMA is encompassed within Georgia's Cohutta Wilderness area, which is the state's second largest wilderness area. The Cohutta Mountains are part of the oldest known mountains in the world. They run from Fannin County northeast to the Tennessee-North Carolina border, where they are known as the Smoky Mountains, and once bordered a prehistoric ocean. It is from these mountains that the Cohutta WMA gets its name.

Beautiful trail, creeks, waterfalls and wild flowers. Yesterday we hiked to the upper falls and then retraced our path for about a 6-7 mile hike. The creek crossings were fun and really added to the hike. I'm pretty sore today and think it's from all the balancing and different muscles I used crossing the creeks! The swimming areas closer to parking did have some trash, so bring a bag of you want to do some trail clean up. We were confused a few times on the trail, but there were more blazes than I expected. I think some people turn around at the lower falls, but the upper falls are nice, too. Keen sandles and a pair of clothes to change into helped make this an incredible day!

6 hours ago

Steep descent down to the creek and then a steep ascent back up. Better eat your Wheaties!!

13 hours ago

The best day hike in Georgia

awesome weekend beautiful place highly recommended even in the rain. leaves a big impression.

Hiked this SOBO with a friend from work. My GF was hiking Blood with her ladies hiking group, so she dropped us off at Hogpen Gap with plans to meet her at the Byron Reece parking area.

The descent from Wildcat into Tesnatee Gap is quite steep and you would be well advised to bring some trekking poles.

Coming out of Tesnatee you will hit a 600' ascent to the Cowrock Mountain overlook. It's not a hard section as there are numerous switchbacks to help ease the elevation gain. Be sure to rest a few minutes and take in the view when you get to the overlook There are also a couple more views to the south (left if SOBO) just after Cowrock.

You will be walking on a fairly narrow ridgeline for part of the way which offers a great North and South view.

Be sure to relax and have a Pizza at Mountain Crossings when you reach Neel's Gap. You'll also get a chance to walk the only part of the AT which passes through a building. Sign the log on the left as you pass through.

7 days ago

I am glad to have this off my list, I'm not sure I'll repeat it. great views at the summit but man what a butt burner. I do have some great pics of the many different wildflowers. definitely a rating of hard from me.