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The Cohutta Wildlife Management Area is a huge area of forest in north Georgia, of more than 95,000 acres. This site covers only a small area along good gravel roads in the southern part of the WMA, but the whole area is worth exploring for those with the time and curiosity. This WMA is encompassed within Georgia's Cohutta Wilderness area, which is the state's second largest wilderness area. The Cohutta Mountains are part of the oldest known mountains in the world. They run from Fannin County northeast to the Tennessee-North Carolina border, where they are known as the Smoky Mountains, and once bordered a prehistoric ocean. It is from these mountains that the Cohutta WMA gets its name.

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This was a difficult hike ...

Took our niece and her guide dog Nathan today . They did an amazing job! It was a first for us all.
I was really disappointed by the number of folks who had dogs off their leashes. Dogs ran up and barked distracting him from his job. KEEP YOUR DOGS ON A DANG LEASH PEOPLE!!!!
Other than those few selfish people, the hike was great and the view was AMAZING. We will be back!

This is a super fast hike. From the road to the falls took us 15 minutes. We decided to go past the falls. This app takes you much past. All the way to Stanley gap. We worked our way back around to the road and then made it to our car. Decent outing. Lots of trash. We ended up leaving with more plastic water bottles than we could effectively carry.

Great little hike. The waterfall was beautiful and met some really friendly people along the way. The kids enjoyed the hike as well.

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Great hike! Slightly steep at times but a great workout.

Great to be along the stream and have so many stone hopping opportunities. Many families , kids, dogs but not too distracting due to the moderate volume levels of the stream. Pretty falls. A bit unkempt with some loose trash to pick up but all in all nice hike.

We drove the bike trail in and parked. About a 1/2 mile easy walk to the falls. The reason I rated it so well isn't due to the monstrosity of the falls but to its seclusion. A great spot for a younger family to experience waterfalls. Shallow wading area at the bottom. If you re looking for a challenging hike this isn't the place.

After bearing left at the loop junction we enjoyed a tranquil uphill slope along the ridge On the South side of the small wooded valley. We stopped often to photograph fungi and moss. Looping back on the north side it warmed to 84 as we followed the opposite ridge then descended. We were pleasantly surprised to reach a lovely stream with rocks for sitting midstream and cooling our warm feet. The cold water was rejuvenating and there were decent photo opportunities as i sketched the tiny waterfall and swirling water. This was the best part of the trail..time spent 3 hrs because of the creek.

What a gem, thank you Boy Scouts, and right next to one of the busiest shopping areas in North GA. The condition was phenomenal and has a swamp like feel to it, a welcome change from the usual wooded trails. The real treat about this trail is the secrecy - can barely tell where the trail begins, then poof, wonderland. The Boy Scouts have marked some key trees if you want some education while you in there, and because it seems hidden, traffic is low, wildlife is high ;)

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Great hike and day at Jack's River Falls! Volunteered with the 12 Conasauga District Trail Volunteers to maintain the water bars and clear the trail of overgrowth and blow downs. We were able to make it all the way down the the river crossing below the falls. The rainy weather on the way out will add to the memories of the Cohutta's!! Anyone interested in volunteering on a USFS volunteer trail crew check us out on meet-up.com

Check out Cohutta Wilderness Trail Volunteers http://meetu.ps/c/2KLNS/wVCKL/a

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challenging, tight, twisty