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Had to cross the creek so many times. There are snakes but absolutely beautiful waterfalls and swimming areas the water is cold which is nice when you are hot!

4 days ago

It’s fine. Nothing much to write home about. Leads to a spot with river access with a few campsites and fire pits. Nothing remarkable. I’ll have to come back and press on to the falls next time.


22 days ago

Fun hike with lots of Creek time due to all the crossings. Well marked trail as you cross the creek.

Overall, a great hike. Walking up Panther Creek right below the falls can be slippery and easy to lose site of the trail itself. The road leading to 3 Forks parking can be quite muddy after rainfall so plan ahead.

Good trail just watch for snakes

Beautiful trail...but needs some work. A lot of trees down, and it’s easy to lose the trail.

1 month ago

An awesome trail to day hike. After a good rain the creek crossings are fairly difficult so prepare to get pretty wet. There’s around 10 crossings before you reach the waterfall. Each crossing is marked with bright neon green markers nailed to the trees across the creek. Overall, super fun hike, climbing over fallen trees and wading through the creek just make a simple hike all that much better in my opinion. There’s also certain places to camp, there’s a camping spot right below the falls! and fishing is allowed on the two connecting creeks.

trail running
1 month ago

This was an absolutely beautiful, remote trail run in the Cohuttas. Be mindful and study a map before you do it, as the trail isn’t very well marked, but so long as you study a map and know which direction the trails heading in, you’ll be fine! Pictures don’t do this gem justice.

Fantastic trail. The river crossings were cold but great. There’s still a lot of downed trees from the fire, but moved as many as we could. The turn off from jacks river was hard to spot because of a downed tree and the sharp ascent, but we thoroughly enjoyed this trail. I think the whole loop is closer to 18 miles, but not certain. There’s also very little water on the ridge trails, so take advantage on the river and get what you’ll need.

Challenging. Took rough ridge to jacks to rice camp to cowpen. Can camp before upper falls river crossing and after lower falls crossing. Yellow sign marks no camp zone. A lot of burn damage/downed trees. There is some water on cowpen, at the stream shown before cowpen connects with hickory ridge, but it’s a steep scramble down to collect.

2 months ago

Do not do the route listed by all trails!!!!!!! Do the loop from hickory ridge around to rough ridge. If you try to take horseshoe bend the trail just ends half mile before jacks river. I ended up bushwhacking down a 50 degree slope to get down to the river to my campsite. The forest fire really messed this area up. No cell service anywhere. Trekking poles are a must if you are backpacking. The forest rangers will not do anything for you. They are useless. No good water on all of the east cowpen side. Plus half of east cowpen trail is a dirt road. I was disappointed. Jacks river was beautiful. I repeat do not do the loop listed by all trails!!!!!!!!! Take hickory ridge to rough ridge loop. It is shorter but way less problems. Plus shorter distances to get to cleaner water. Only cell service is from the three forks trailhead to about 3 miles down the ridge.

3 months ago

One of my favorites.

Great trail. Strenuous

Love this trail. Be prepared to get wet

5 months ago

heads up the road to trailhead is closed about 4 miles from trailhead January - March connessagua lake rd from south

I really enjoyed this hike, but due to all the downed trees from the fires and hurricanes, a lot of the trail was blocked and almost impossible to follow. I got off trail several times, which made the hike more difficult, but all in all, I had a great time.

Nice hike, especially in the summer because you can swim at the bottom of the falls. There is also a place to camp next to the falls if you would like to.

7 months ago

Plenty of parking at Three Forks Parking Lot, from there it's approximately 4.33 miles to the waterfalls. It's a tough hike in with a loaded pack, not terrible, but you'll be looking forward to taking that pack off and setting up camp, when ya get there. There are plenty of spots for tent or hammock camping and water is plentiful, once you're down in the valley. Take your time and enjoy.

8 months ago

Great trail! The creek crossings were a lot of fun, and the falls are beautiful. Wonderful out and back trail.

Amazing. Perfect for our Siberian Husky. Prepare to get your feet wet, but so worth it!!!

About a month ago I hiked from Three Forks to the falls on a rescue mission for a hiker in distress. This was my first hike to the falls and have to agree with Cory, I would'nt bring small kids. This is a tough section of trail, at least from the falls back to Three Forks. Seen some wildlife including an approx 3' timber rattler.

10 months ago

I can't believe I'm only the 2nd person to rate this trail on this app. It was an incredible hike! First, let me say make sure you wear chacos bc you have 11-12 creek crossings. If your dog is afraid of water then this isn't the hike for them. The trails are well marked and are excellent. Lots of shade and too many swimming holes to count. A definite must go!

10 months ago

This is a fun trail to do on a warm day. The trail is moderate with a gradual increase in elevation and with 10 stream crossings on the way up to the falls. The crossings can be tricky if your goal is to keep everything dry. The crossings are marked with bright green blazes, some may take a moment to spot. The falls are pretty and worth the hike. Went early August of 2017. The streams were flowing well, but I could tell that they were not at the maximum levels. After a good rain, the crossings could be quite difficult. I'd recommend being prepared to take a swim just for the fun of it.

Awesome trail!

10 months ago

Hi John Deal. Not sure if you'll see this but I don't know how to send you a message. But I wanted to know what u meant by having a rope at the falls? Is that for a rope swing?! Or for holding onto on those steep ascents and descents ;)?!

Wonderful hike through the forest, with water falls and creeks scattered through out. Bring a swimsuit if you'd like to swim in the waterfall at the end. There's a big "beach" type area to have lunch and hangout by the water. There were a ton of snakes so watch your step.

11 months ago

Started at the bottom of Panther Creek where in flows into the Conasauga river. The trail follows the north side of the creek and then crosses over to the south. Got lost and backtracked and bushwhacked back up the north side of the creek until I crossed back over to the south. Found the trail again on the south side followed it and crossed over to the north then up severely rocky and tricky trail. Continue hugging the creek until you reach some gigantic boulders and follow the little goat path to the top of the falls. Awesome sunset vista but extremely poor trail condition. Definitely not kid friendly. Bring your map and compass. Good luck!

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

I would have rated this trail 5 stars but you couldn't use much of it. it has not been cleaned up since the fires last year. there were trees down all over the trails. we had to go over, under and around constantly. also the trails are not blazed at all so it is very easy to miss a turn or lose the trail with all the trees down.

the trails were so bad we could not complete the loop and had to come back out on the same path. if it were cleaned up it would have been a great hike and camping experience.

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