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Photos of Cloudland Canyon State Park Bird Watching Trails

Cloudland Canyon park is quite commercialized. Everything is very clearly marked and trail is heavily trafficked. You are not going to achieve backcountry solitude on this trail but the views and waterfalls make it worth it. Immediately off the trailhead you have the option to jut off and check out the waterfalls. Definitely do this. The trail (metal/wood stairs) make a steep decent into the canyon valley and show off a couple of remarkable falls. The remainder loops around the west rim of the canyon and back through the camp/cabin areas. There are more than a handful of overlooks along the way and are all very open. Views of the canyon walls are awesome. We took our time with the viewpoints and vistas and spent about 3 hours on the trail including the waterfalls. Distance ended up being a little over 6 miles. The trail itself is fairly easy with interesting rock formations throughout. I will definitely consider hiking here again. My biggest concern would be the crowd. The place was packed in the dead of winter so cant imagine what it looks like other times of year.

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