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Located on the western edge of Lookout Mountain, this is one of the most scenic parks in the state, offering rugged geology and beautiful vistas. The park straddles a deep gorge cut into the mountain by Sitton's Gulch Creek, and elevation differs from 800 to 1,980 feet. The most spectacular view into the canyon is found near the picnic area parking lot; however, additional views can be found along the rim trail. Hardy visitors who hike to the bottom of the gorge (including a 600-step staircase) find two waterfalls cascading over layers of sandstone and shale into pools below. (For visitor safety, wading in pools and climbing on waterfalls is not allowed.) Cottages are located near the canyon edge, while the parks walk-in campsites provide exceptional privacy for tents. Be sure to stop by the office gift shop for hiking sticks, camping supplies, snacks, toys, disc golf supplies, books at more. Outdoor lovers should not miss this parks spectacular scenery.

Great hike with beautiful scenic views. The stairs are the only real challenge.

Very pretty overlooks . Rocks are gorgeous. Also beautiful sunsets here .

8 days ago

The Waterfalls are wonderful, well worth the stairs to them .

Have visited Cloudland Canyon several times. This is a great place even for children. Was warned by a Ranger, stay off the rocks. Also stay off Sittons Gluch Trail it goes nowhere. It ends where people live. We were blessed a man with a pickup truck happened to come by and drove us back to the parking lot.

Great trail with lots of variety ie. Waterfalls, streams, big rocks, beautiful overlooks.

Awesome, the stairs to the falls was tough.

mountain biking
14 days ago

I rode the CCT parking at the trailhead in the park. $5 at the ranger station entering and if you ask they give you a map. According to the map there are other places to park and you can access 5 points but not being familiar and not wanting to get towed, I just went the safe route. The CCT is a wide easy ride with traffic but the connecting trails are marked well and rated. My intention was to get to 5 points but i saw bark eater and it was rated double black diamond so I hit it. It was a pretty good ride from the CCT trailhead to here so I didnt make 5 points but bark eater was pretty good. Plenty of places to experience a flat and technical. Brakes are a must. Somebody put in alot of time making the rock gardens and they did a great job. The CCT is so well marked and it makes the map easy to read and realize where your at. This trail system is an awesome place for any level of rider. If you have someone on the fence and you want to take them riding and not worry about destroying a bike or get hurt this is the one. I would imagine there would be alot of traffic on the weekend but I was there on a Friday and saw one other person. From everything Ive read 5 points is where you want to ride and next time now that I have a map that’ll be where I’ll be riding.

23 days ago

I agree with a previous reviewer. An easily moderate trail for sure and I say more than easy only because of the stairs. Only recommendation I would give is to wait until beginning to mid October whenever the leaves start to turn and the trees aren’t grown up as much for the many overlooks. Overall I loved this trail and I didn’t even trek down to the falls.

28 days ago

Need to plan next time to stay here and maybe stay in one of the yurts. Only got to do the loop and one of the falls - Cherokee. So need to go back and do the other trails and falls.

30 days ago

Beautiful hike! Be prepared for lots of stairs!

30 days ago

Love this trail! Amazing views up top and stunning waterfalls below!

Plenty of overlooks if you want good pictures.

Breathtaking views. Easy to follow trail. Will definitely hike again. Hikes 9/18.

This trail has two points of entry, one is at the top and you come down through the falls or you can come up the gulch from the valley floor via the Canyon Estates entry. We already went to the falls and didn't want to subject ourselves or our dog to the 600+ steps from the top down. The trek up the valley is a pleasant 2 mile walk with various changes in elevation. The trail is wide enough for two people to hike side by side. There are some paths off the the main trail that lead to pools. It can be slippery. but your dog can have a dip to cool off. If you plan to go to the falls, please bring some boots for your dog. The grate steps and grate bridge can hurt and possibly injure their feet.

2018.09.11 We came in from the West rim campground. Nice walk to the steps. You go down from there, then you can split right to Hemlock or left to Cherokee. The majority of the 600 steps are down to Hemlock. It rained the day before. The falls were running. If you love your dog please get a set of boots for them. The grate steps will be ruff on their toes and pads.

Nice hike! I added the waterfalls at the end of the loop. Those stairs are a workout! Definitely would return.

Nice, well marked trail. Lots of shade.

1 month ago

Unique in that you are constantly aware that you are walking through the aftermath of what water does over time. Disappointing though because it’s been so dry as of late (today’s date 9/8/2018) that the waterfalls are nothing more than dribbles, leaving the pools of water to be a bit stagnant in areas.
Very much worth your time to hike, but don’t expect to see a flowing river in this park right now.

Easy enough, with expansive views of the gulch and rock faces.

This was # 3 of 4 for the Canyon Climbers and my absolute fave. With 2 very different falls, and the views are stunning every step. Will go back!

Trail is open! Great rough trail. Rough enough that you won't see others, but will see great views and enjoy a true back woods experience. Trail was recently reopened after state purchased needed property.

Great trail!

Easy trek. Part of it is in deep woods. Very enjoyable, well marked and maintained.

1 month ago

Great day hike around the rim of the canyon. Easy to follow and a number of stops for incredible views of the canyon and out over Trenton. Must do in the Chattanooga area. More than easy but less than moderate. (Hiked 7/28)

1 month ago

excellent trail. well-blazed. great scenic overlooks. lot of elevation change. wear good shoes.

1 month ago

Park has purchased the section that was on private property and as of Aug 2018 trail is now back open!!

Well marked, scenic. Probably the best hike in Georgia

Cherokee Falls is my favorite! We have hiked it several times! This is one of the best waterfalls and swimming areas I've seen! A lot of steps, but totally worth it!!

I hit the West Rim Loop today and it was amazing! The trails were well-marked and very well-maintained. Took me right at 3 hours and I was moving at a moderate pace with several stops for water breaks and picture takes! Definitely one I’d do again.

2 months ago

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state, in my opinion.

Don’t mind the signs, jump the fence and take a dip at your peril, the water is great! ;)

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