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The Chattahoochee National Forest covers 749,689 acres in north Georgia, managed by six ranger districts. Over 40 percent of the land in Fannin County is national forest land (106,000 acres). 40,006 acres are located in the Cohutta Ranger District and 66,097 in the Blue Ridge Ranger District. The forest receives more than 10 million visitors each year.

3 days ago

Really enjoyed this trail! As others have mentioned, it is a beautiful drive on the way in through the Lake Rabun area, a nice winding road that follows the lake. No trouble finding the trail or staying on it, and great scenery the whole way. If you have time, I recommend tacking on a visit to nearby Minnehaha Falls – the falls there are impressive, but at .4 miles RT, the trail is so short that I’m not sure it would be worth a long drive to see them on their own.

Started at Unicoi Gap and headed south. Starts the incline right away. Did this during the cold front in mid November. Frost and icicles all up and down the trail. The killer was the wind. The trail run on a north side and the wind was just brutal cold. Blue Mountain shelter (which faces north was not much shelter from the weather. The water source just past the shelter was hard to find. It ended up being a frozen puddle with leaf fall. We quickly decided against staying the night and hiked back out. This was brutal with wind and cold. Camel up well if you are attempting this section in below freezing temps. And make sure your gloves and face covers are wind proof.

Very cool little hike. The tower was partially closed, but also open to where you could climb up into it without too much problem. It wasn't easy, but wasn't hard either. There's a metal grate blocking the top two steps,but they have the rest of it open, which was a bit odd.

The gravel road was not particularly rough so regular passenger vehicles can probably make it ok.

This is my new favorite - had a little bit of everything - Hiked this Sunday, Nov 11, 2018, So many things to do. I believe the waterfall is one of the best I have seen in the Ga Mountains. Weather was perfect: sunny and 40 degrees. Wore jacket on way down and stowed it on the way up. Met some really nice people. As others said the bridge was destroyed but not hard using the fallen trees to cross. There is a sign about the route being closed due to the bridge. Please ignore that and enjoy yourself. Last point, if your vehicle does not have the clearance needed to cross a small creek you will need to walk a pretty good distance to start this hike. Not sure how far - someone else would know the distance. I drove the hike in a 2015 F250 Lariat - plenty of clearance.

Easily my favorite hike in North Georgia. Can’t wait to come back in winter and sit under the falls.

This was pretty easy to find but my Garmin said around 11 miles at the end, not 9.6 miles. It was an easy hike with a few good hills. Nice views and little foot traffic once you get past the parking area.

As others have mentioned this trail is not accurately described. The GPS track that looks like it is part of the trail is actually a dirt road that leads down to a small parking area that then leads out to the suspension bridge. This is also definitely not 9 miles, however we still had a nice walk with our dog in the areas that were less crowded and felt comfortable taking her off leash and exploring some of the other roads in the national Forest.

Tough hike, great view. Short and sweet. Can be done in under an hour. Prepare to bring the thunder and drop the hammer on views that always keep the gnar fresh.

Short but steep hike to a great view. Be warned that the last 2 miles to drive there are on an unpaved road.

Hit it on 11/4/18. The weather was beautiful and the falls are just the finale of a series of great sights and sounds. Some of the rocks are rough for very young and inexperienced hikers. Definitely a great day hike or one-night outing!

Felt long than 1 mile but beautiful views at the top!

Great trail! Easy and beautiful!

What an amazing adventure! We had a small group. Amicalola to Unicoi Gap during Hurricane Micheal. Loved ever hard minute of it. Can’t wait to get back out.

Very easy to moderate hike, beautiful mountain laurel, bridges, creeks. One nice vista, well maintained trail, moderate traffic.

Pretty trail with 2 very nice waterfalls.

25 days ago

Love- some gradual elevation gain going in. About 2 hours. Easier on the way back, about 1.5 hrs.

26 days ago

My family and I have hiked this several times but the have always popped out before the AT turn around. Great with our dog as the trail is fairly wide throughout the hike. Great spots along the creek for day camping or hangin in yer hammock!

Great trail you can walk across logs where the bridge is closed.

Cool waterfalls! Would recommend a car that can go through some water otherwise you’ll have to park further back and hike 1 mile uphill to get to the trailhead

1 month ago

Great hike. Bridge was down so need to cross on small log or get wet. Well worth the hike.

1 month ago

We just hiked this on 10/10/18 . I can tell you that the trails are not clearly marked. the trail head does t even tell you your at conasauga river trail. it's just a big sign with a blurry map and you walk dow a road a little with a little wooden sign that just says trail. almost missed it. once you get to the river it is beautiful down there. but it's very hard to tell which way to go. we went left oops. haha wrong way came back after a pretty good distant walk. went right this time. found the trail most of the way think we crossed the river 5 times. before we couldn't see a trail anymore so we gave up found a camping spot and camped for the night. that was the night of hurricane Michael. well we woke up and the rover did rise quite a bit and was flowing fast so we decided to pack up and head back. Just wish the trails where clearly marked in some way. even with just marking tape . other then that we will be back to do it again!!!

I have hiked this trail since I started living in GA. I stumbled across Indian Grave Road looking for the AT. Was meeting a friend who was section flip-flopping the AT. That’s what we call his journey.

Recently I noticed the bridge being down and am interested in seeing a repair done. I am currently reaching out to to some Boy Scout Troops to see if can get volunteer help. Things are starting to look good as far as getting in front of Scout people who matter.

I have been in the construction industry my entire life. I wouldn’t mind seeing where I can get materials donated or discounted.

I would love to know how to reach someone who may have “control” of this trail. Forest service? State?

Would love to see this bridge get repaired. It is a beautiful surprise at the bottom. Absolutely one of my favorites! One of my top recommended hikes to most people in conversation.

I will attach a contact email for anyone interested or could help provide information.

Greatly appreciated!


Unfortunately the tower was closed but it was beautiful at the top anyway. You could still climb up the stairs of the tower, just couldn’t get into the actual top viewing area.

easy and great short hike!


We stayed in an Airbnb on the other side of the trail, it was a fun hike but there was very little signage from that direction.

This was a GREAT hike with GREAT views. Would definitely do it again. Only downside is you can’t access the top of the lookout tower. Highly recommend!!

Signs posted saying trail closed due to bridge out. Did not get to hike this trail today. Disappointed. If it would not have been posted, would have hiked it anyway.

1 month ago

Awesome hike! Started at the chestnut lead trailhead and hiked down to the river trail. The river crossings are a lot of fun but make sure you have sturdy shoes and two hiking poles. There are multiple crossings! And as a FYI the hike back up the chestnut lead trail is a killer - basically straight uphill for two miles. But overall an amazing hike!

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