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The Chattahoochee National Forest covers 749,689 acres in north Georgia, managed by six ranger districts. Over 40 percent of the land in Fannin County is national forest land (106,000 acres). 40,006 acres are located in the Cohutta Ranger District and 66,097 in the Blue Ridge Ranger District. The forest receives more than 10 million visitors each year.

12 hours ago

My favorite hike so far. The drive up is cool. Lots of beautiful homes. The trail is through a very green forest. I was waiting for elves and fairies to start jumping out at us! The waterfall at the end empties into a clear, shallow pool that’s not scary if you have kids or dogs. We went early and were completely alone. On the way back we ran into quite a few people. So, go before lunchtime if you like to be alone. Afternoon if you like to have people around.

nature trips
22 hours ago

slightly challenging but fun! it was muddy and humid when we went but nothing unbearable. Wearing dri fit clothing helped with that. There were about 5 campsites along the trail before the warerfall that I think would be great to stay at.

Easy drive to trailhead. Short, easy hike. Refreshing cold water! Will return with more people to enjoy!

difficult, but gets easier the more you do it. It starts off easy but that changes quickly. Pace yourself on the way up and down. it's like you're going straight up, so on the way down it's straight down. The view is beautiful at the top. There's an old war grave/memorial which is what the Disney Trail was named after. Once you pass it you come to almost like an outdoor church area with benches and a podium. It is beautiful! Hard but worth it! Trails are not smoothed out or anything like that. There are rocks, roots, dips etc.

This trail was perfect for our family! We had a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a 19 month old in a carrier! Very Shady with a well maintained trail that followed the water! Plenty of fun bridges to walk across and places to stop and play in the water. It took us about 40 minutes to walk in and 40 minutes to walk our , but that is with kids in tow :) we will definitely do this trail again!

This trail is a must do. You get to see the first blaze on the AT with a incredible view on top of Springer mountain and then you'll follow a incredible creek with mutable waterfalls .

I did lower half of the trail it was challenging but fun. I got lost few times and water was little higher then I expected.

According to my Apple health data this was 3.6 miles and 16 flights of stairs so lots of elevation changes. I agree should be considered moderate, plus it was 85 and very humid today.

Great hike, we only saw a couple others on the trail so it was nice. My 10 year old enjoyed it, she played in the creek along the way to cool off. Go all the way up to see angel falls!

6 days ago

First things - we started from the end (Hwy 28) and hiked south, and we did not hike the entire trail. We only hiked to Earl's Ford (it was my daughters first backpacking trip and we wanted to keep it light.

I guess I was just hoping for more highlights. We though a lunch at Earls Ford would be nice - play in the water and then work our way back... Earls Ford is beautiful and would be a perfect picnic spot, except for the car campers and ORV folks. Lots of trash and trucks.

The trail isn't used much by hikers - we saw 1 hiker over the past 2 days. The campsites are large, but nothing too exceptional, and they seem to be spaced out ever 3 miles or so. There were a few sections with lots of horse traffic (although marked as hikers only), and the spiders are plentiful.

We'll try the south end of the trail in a few weeks.

8 days ago

First I need to clear up a couple facts:

-This trail is 25 miles one-way and says so right on the sign at the trailhead.
-The trailhead is on the South Carolina side of the river. It's on the left immediately AFTER the bridge from Clayton.

As for my review we loved this trail! Its far less crowded than the AT, has tons of water, great camp sites, and it's easy hiking.

The negatives:

It was spider season! And I mean lots and lots of spiders. I'm an avid outdoorsman and have spent a lot of time backpacking and I've never seen close to this many webs and spiders. I had to walk with a trekking pole up in front of me to catch the webs before my face did, because they were every 20 feet across the trail!

There was also lots of ticks, so take precautions.

There was 2 side trails within the first mile that aren't marked. Take a right on the first one to stay on the trail, and a left on the second one.

There were also a number of down trees to climb over, and at one point (at a fork about 6 miles in) there is a total blockage that you can't get around. So take the left fork about 10 feet and there's a little trail to cut back down to the main trail... I made an arrow out of sticks but who knows how long that will last.

Overall we will go back here and hike it over and over just for the beautiful water camping and the solitude. Its one of the best hikes in Georgia!

I guess I came on a good day! First off, 7 miles round trip from trailhead. First cross of the creek is a good halfway point. Very clean trail. Passed about a half dozen folks going in and another half dozen going out. About a dozen at the falls while I spent an hour chilling. Very well maintained and clean trail and falls area. Hiked alone but could've taken my dog and children. Only a few moments on the trail where a fall would've resulted in injury. The last mile or so is tricky with some maneuvering over rocks and across some water but overall very straightforward. Loved it. Reminded me of an Hawaiian trail with its vegetation, diversity of terrain and ultimate payoff of the falls at the end. It's a must hike if you're within 100 miles. Do not skip this trail!!

11 days ago

Great trail w two swimming holes. Bridge about half mile in is out, must walk across water but there are safe areas. Consider water shoes.

If you like a challenge with beautiful views, then this is the trail for you. 7.5 miles of pretty easy hiking, until you get near the end. The end has some pretty dangerous, risk taking challenges. The waterfall and beach at the end is worth every step.

Dangerous even for seasoned hikers. Trail is not maintained.

Didn't make it all the way to the Hike Inn but probably 4/5 of the way there. Beautiful forest, no water to speak of, not very crowded despite lots of folks at the falls. It's nice when the trail is for hikers only.

Most of the trail is a vehicle trail. The bridge was nice and what hiking there was was enjoyable. The description is somewhat misleading. We will visit again, but would like more accurate descriptions in the future.

Moderate trail along the river. Last 1.5 miles is a really fun rock scramble. Can't wait to go back.

20 days ago

Gorgeous trail, beautiful falls. 7.5 mile round trip with substantial hills, rocks and roots. The drive alone (3 hours from Chattanooga) was amazing. However, I have never seen so many people on a trail in my life. Heavily trafficked is an understatement. We went on a Sunday and easily passed 100 people. The amount of litter was obnoxious too. I packed out 5 water bottles we saw just laying in the trail. And some jackass dropped trou and took the most ungodly crap right in the middle of the trail, complete with tp. Not sure how they managed that with people passing you every 2 minutes, but there you have it. We had a great day and I'm glad we saw it and can mark it off the waterfall bucket list, but we won't be back.

21 days ago

easy first mile nearly downhill until the sharp left. As of 6/23/2018, large tree fall across trail around 1/2 mile from trailhead. You must ford Holcomb creek 50 yards upstream from the slot waterfall to get to next section (not shown on this site's map) to see actual Three Forks. This section of the trail had several (we counted six) tree falls which made us turn around. Chainsaw anyone? Still, the first falls at Holcomb is worth the relatively easy hike. One campsite near this falls is tight, a few trees for hammocks, a small firepit but close to the edge near the falls (loud).

a goldie

Beautiful area with a local myth; the headless raccoon hunter! Legend has it, that if you go coon hunting up in this area, that the headless raccoon hunter chases you off the mountain!
All in all, I enjoyed the hike and my time at the fire tower.

22 days ago

I was expecting to park at the starting point and go from there, but there was no parking lot and no cars there. It turns on that the left (west) leg of the uploaded trail is a dirt road. We followed this road to the approx lower intersection of the two trail legs. There was no real parking lot, but a dozen parked cars. Apparently the vast majority of the people that visit this trail walk the short distance from their parked car to the bridge, stand around a bit, and walk back.

The bridge IS nice. The trail system on the other side of the bridge is also largely dirt roads, but fairly scenic.

We enjoyed the hike, but would not have made the hour plus drive if we knew this in advance.

22 days ago

While to waterfall was beautiful it was not a walk in the park. You have to climb down an unofficial trail to get to see the waterfall at all. Also it’s a loop style trail but everything past the rappelling wall was so overgrown it wasn’t possible to walk.

I love this trail...pro tip: drive a car that you’d feel comfortable driving through a creek, otherwise you’ll have to walk up a dirt road to the trailhead, which prolongs the hike a bit. Amazing in the summer, take a swimsuit tho

When they say straight up they mean straight up. If you do not exercise regularly this is a very hard trail. Make sure to bring lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated because I was dripping sweat. Absolutely stunning view!

28 days ago

Beautiful day to be on the trail. Very little traffic. I went up the Hiked Inn trail and came back on the AP trail.

Trail was amazing. Had to hike an extra 1.5 miles uphill to get to the trailhead due to road being closed but it was worth every bit once we jumped into the water at the waterfall.

Awesome trail with beautiful view from cow rock!

It's actually about 7.5 miles round trip. Love this hike because it's an actual hike, not a walk. Lots of scrambling over rocks, roots, etc. but plenty of chances to cool off in the creek and the falls at the end are beautiful. Many campsites, would be a great overnight. We saw lots of dogs, but personally I'm glad I didn't have mine because she pulls and would pull me right off a cliff. Recommend in the summer for swimming!

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