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1 day ago

Beautiful day to be on the trail. Very little traffic. I went up the Hiked Inn trail and came back on the AP trail.

Trail was amazing. Had to hike an extra 1.5 miles uphill to get to the trailhead due to road being closed but it was worth every bit once we jumped into the water at the waterfall.

Awesome trail with beautiful view from cow rock!

It's actually about 7.5 miles round trip. Love this hike because it's an actual hike, not a walk. Lots of scrambling over rocks, roots, etc. but plenty of chances to cool off in the creek and the falls at the end are beautiful. Many campsites, would be a great overnight. We saw lots of dogs, but personally I'm glad I didn't have mine because she pulls and would pull me right off a cliff. Recommend in the summer for swimming!

Beautiful. Great with my two grade school boys.

9 days ago

I went there with my boyfriend and cocker spaniel. It was a challenging walk to the waterfall. Some areas were steep going up or down. It’s helpful to have walking poles or a large stick for stability. Wear some good hiking boots!!! When you get close to the waterfall the walk down is incredibly steep so be careful! There were a ton of campsites on the way to the waterfall. Although it says to keep your dog on a leash, if your dog would pull you, don’t bring them.

10 days ago

So right now the road that leads to the trail head is closed from storm damage (right by what would have been the creek you drive through). So you basically have to hike an extra 1.5 miles up a steep incline just to get to the trail head. But it’s totally worth it!! And the way down is much easier.

About .4 miles in you will get to a bridge that’s out and you will need to cross the creek which is about 1-2 feet deep. We took our shoes off.

About .7 miles in, you get to the “swimming hole” where you can jump off the waterfall or use the rope to swing out. Water was super cold so no one was actually “swimming” but it was thrilling to jump off the cliff!! Then you get to the second, bigger waterfall about 1.2 miles in. Nice photo opportunity.

Also, this is a HEAVILY trafficked trail. Be prepared to meet other hikers!! Overall, fun experience!

13 days ago

You really can’t call his a trail. After the first few miles the brush gets so thick you’ll have a hard time making sure you’re on the right path. This continues through the rest of the hike, a very frustrating experience. There are much better trails nearby that are actually at least somewhat maintained.

Beautiful hike, kid friendly, easy to follow. make sure you go all the way to the end to see Angel Falls

Nice, short hike with great waterfall at the end. There are two falls so make sure you go to the end. Easy to moderate.

Nice moderate trail.. we hiked it will in rain.. trail did get muddy a bit but not slippery at all.

21 days ago

This trail to the waterfall is 3.5 miles each way. Total 7 miles which kicked my butt on the way back. Getting to fall was a very nice view. I'd say you'd need to be in a bit shape to do this trail. Very good tent camp sites near or right in front of the water. I believe at 3 miles to the falls is a very nice tent camp site that I liked and hopefully can do soon. There is some tight spots while hiking thru all these routes you see a long the way. Be very careful. Some cables to hold on were down so I had to grab myself from some tree routs on the floor lol. Pretty scary but awesome and challenging. Once you're about to get to the falls is very steep. Again, be careful. There is no way I would take my 2 dogs with me on this hike. Glad we didn't bring them. Make sure you don't wear flip flops or regular tennis shoes! You definitely need hiking boots for this one. Be ready with your bathing suit as once you get to the falls you can jump right in and cool off and take a swim. We loved this hike! it was amazing! Good workout too! I'd definitelt recommend this trail.

love this place

22 days ago

Great little easy hike, parking was weird but could be “user” “google maps” navigation error... Traveled from Atlanta there on Wednesday and had the whole falls to myself to do some photography... Very beautiful!

Great trail !!!

Trail is steep in some areas from natural erosion. Very pretty views. Definitely worth the outing!

Love this hike, I’ve done it 3 times now!

on Panther Creek Trail

1 month ago

Super beautiful view. The hike is a bit tough at times with a big pack. Day hike highly recommend.

1 month ago

This is a great hike. To the falls and back is about 7 miles it’s very scenic along the way with some technical spots. Bring a hammock and and enjoy the waterfall it’s a great place to take a dip and cool off before heading back. Lots of great camping sites along this trail too. The last section to get down to the falls is a little steep and the hand railings with cables came out of the ground so be careful especially if hiking with a dog or small child.

1 month ago

This was a difficult hike but it's also short with some really good views on the top. I would have gave it 4 stars but the place is pretty trashed out. There was trash everywhere!

trail running
1 month ago

beautiful to difficult in places to really run or jog but a great hike water proof boots would be good especially if it's been raining

1 month ago

Backpacked this trail early May 2018. Parked at the end of the trail.

Day one hiked from mile 11 to mile 7.
Day two day packed from mile 7 to 3 and back to 7.
Day three hiked back to car.

Loved not having to carry much water around with me. Just filtered a liter or two at a time as we hiked along the river.
Made the mistake of wearing open toed Tevas. While it was nice being able to get them wet, they were slippery on the rocks and actually broke halfway through the trip

My biggest regret on this trip was not bringing hiking poles. Would have made the crossings way easier.

Would advise lining your pack with a trash bag for when you inevitably take a dip in the river.

River Crossings:
Depending on if it rained recently, you might not be able to safely cross. It hadn’t rained in the week before going, and it was still pretty hard to cross in some areas. This made for a great challenge! Sometimes hard to find the right place to cross. Sometimes the trail crossing spot is too dangerous, and you have to walk down or upstream to find a good crossing point. The rocks in the water were pretty slippery.

We were never worried about getting swept down the river, more just falling in and getting the packs drenched. I fell in a few times :)

There were a few camp spots between 11 and 9, but very few between 9 and 6. South of 6 there were a ton! The campsites were somewhat dirty and could use a visit by rangers.

The elevation change in the trail was easy. The trail was very poorly marked between miles 11 and 6. While you can’t get lost (you just follow the river), you’re kind of bushwhacking it in this section. Lots of poison ivy around but we never got it - probably because we were constantly getting washed off in the river. Bring cream just in case.

Miles 3-6 were much better traveled and the trails were clear.

Overall really liked this hike and would visit it again.

trail is a short but steep scenic hike. I've done lots of hiking and this a challenging hike, but short. steep at sections with rocks and roots....plenty of opportunity to roll an ankle, etc.
But if you are in decent shape it shouldn't be a problem.
scenic vista from top.
I prefer more secluded trails, but easily acceptable and close to Chattanooga.

very clearly marked trail. easy in and moderate out. good camping spot. beautiful waterfall.

This trail is a must if you enjoy hiking. The sounds of rushing water as you’re hiking is so peaceful. Some parts of this trail are steep as you approach the waterfall. I recommend hiking boots and not sneakers! This is my favorite trail so far... it’s beautiful.

This trail for the length is pretty difficult. For someone in their twenties and one in their forties, we both struggled; luckily there is plenty of rock to take a break. Loved the trail and views. Worth the work!

awesome place to hike. Beautiful scenery and the sounds of the water follow you through the hike.

Trail chasming from improper use where others are “shortcutting” instead of using switchbacks. Overall a decent walk - some nice spots - great sunsets. Also makes nice moonlit hikes - easy to get to - but trail starts at state patrol barracks which is 2/10 mile away from church parking. National Historic and State Historic plagues detailing Flooded Gap, Defense of Dalton and Atlanta Campaign are found at state patrol barracks parking.

I turned my recording on and off as we stopped. I forgot to restart at an overlook and missed 1/2 of the hike. I will leave the recording on from now on.
We took the most difficult road to get to the start. Scary! We drove home Doublehead Gap Rd to 52.
Much better!
The trail was well marked, moderately easy and so beautiful at the end of April. Few hikers were in the trail. 3 stream crossings on Benton Mackaye trail. A good day.

Love this area. Quiet and secluded camping and high shoals falls has always been a favorite of mine. Short fun hike down to the falls and worth the treck back!

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