Boling Park

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16 days ago

This trail is a short drive from my house in Canton, and this is probably my favorite thing about this trail. There isn’t much in Canton for distance walking. The gravel trail in Boling Park Is a nice 1.3 mile loop. You have to walk all the way to the back of the park where the trail turns to dirt and go along the tree line at the far end to get to Sutallee Trail. The first opening in the trees/bushes, and to the right does loop back to the beginning of the gravel path in Boling Park. This is toward the high school. If you take the bigger opening in the bushes, and go to the left you will be on the big loop.It’s true that it isn’t blazed very well. The last time I went, I took the orange blazed trail and it stopped, as far as I know, because there is a large tree across it. It seems that if you follow the white blazes, it will take you around the loop. The best thing to do is to keep alltrails open and look at it periodically to see if you’re on the trail. I haven’t done the entire loop yet.. What I have done is easy. I’ve been on the trail during the week in the late afternoon, and I encounter trail runners. The trails is very narrow for about the 1st mile and a quarter. Then it splits off into wider trail that appears to be motorized vehicle road. If you walk with headphones I recommend keeping your volume down so you can hear the runners coming. I try to give them the right away. This is a great trail, shady, and it Could be completed after work during EDT.