7 days ago

It's a great trail, plenty of elevation and it's pretty remote. The only downsides are there's a lot of poison ivy and a lot of ticks. If you're bringing a dog, make sure you give them tick medicine ahead of time, and that you use a lot of deet on yourself. Otherwise, great hike!

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15 days ago

Trail well maintained overall. Had 2 spots where there were downed trees that required carrying the bikes over. Both looked quite newly fallen.
It's not as technical from a root and bump perspective as what we have in south Florida, but it's much more challenging in the cardio aspect. Definitely a lot of climbing, so if you're not in top shape, you'll likely be pushing the bikes up the hill at some points like we did. However, the downhills were awesome.
The second creek crossing (going clockwise) is quite deep, so unless you plan to carry the bike, be sure to switch into a real granny gear to get through and climb out other side.
If you're not familiar with this trail system, be sure to look at the maps for the corresponding letters to the route you want. We didn't do so, resulting in a roughly 1 mile detour onto the Beaver Pond trail before we realized and had to back track.
Overall a great trail that was a lot of fun.

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15 days ago

mountain biking
28 days ago

Been thru here once before doing 20 mile section of BMT. Easter weekend, took a friend to do her 1st hike in 40 yrs. (we're both mid 60....ish). She was breaking in a new Deuter, I just daypacked. Drove her Corolla up there...lol.
Easy day, lots of people, gorgeous weather.
I did notice signs at this trailhead saying, "No camping behind signs". Does anyone know if that means you can no longer camp at the sites by the footbridge?

Just did the loop today. It was about 70 degrees but a little wind to keep it cool. Did the loop from the gravel parking lot located about a mile from the top of Springer Mountain. Went up to the top then backtracked a little to get on the Benton MacKaye Trail. Followed that around to loop back. If you want to do that, be aware that towards the end you have to turn off the Benton MacKaye trail and back onto the Appalachian Trail or you'll be headed away from the car. One more note, I drove in from the west side of the mountain. It's about 7 miles up the forest service road to the parking lot. (and contrary to some opinions any vehicle can make this drive, short of a lowrider) When leaving I decided to go on through instead of going back out the way I came to see if it would shorten the ride home. It is about 10 times further if you go east. There is a Fish Hatchery way down there, and it comes out to GA60. I wouldn't recommend going out east, unless you have nothing better to do for an hour or more riding the forest service road. This hike was not crowded at all. In 5.5 miles saw maybe 25 people, and most of those were sitting at the top of Springer at the Southern Terminus.

2 months ago