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30 miles from the terminus of the Appalachian trail, (at Springer Mountain) Blood Mountain is the second highest peak in GA, and the highest in GA on the appalachian trail at 4,459 ft. By the time through hikers reach Neel's Gap 2.2 miles from the peak, they are ready to shed some gear. The Walasi-Yi inn is a great hostel with nice folks and a great store for everything hikers need. Blood mountain has a famous rock and wood shelter/cabin that was built by the CCC in the 1930s. It is two rooms, but is notorious for mice and a skunk. Picnic rock, just above the cabin is a great place to eat lunch or dry out your gear in the sun. Nearby Vogel State Park, and Lake Winfield Scott are great recreation/camping areas. Blood Mountain and Slaughter Gap are named after a Native American battle (pre-white settlers) that was so vicious, the mountain ran red with blood (or so the story and history marker goes...).

Amazing! Challenging and secluded. The views are amazing. Love this trail!

Great day of hiking! Blood mtn was hard down towards Neels creek! Great rewards at the store!

Beautiful trail! Great workout so be prepared for some intense cardio throughout. Lots of rocks so wear good shoes and watch your step. Gorgeous views and amazing scenery along the way. The top makes the hike worthwhile as you look out across the horizon and see mountains for miles. Breathtaking!

Such a beautiful place. There were quite a few people there. But the rock itself, is gigantic! You never felt crowded. The hike to it is easy and short. The parking lot was super full when I got there at about 9:30. There were cars parked all up and down the road, at 11 when I left!

Typical AT surface, rocky with roots and well marked. Very crowded on our visit. The views are worth the crowds and rough terrain. We hiked past Preachers rock and found an off shoot trail that led to a campsite with a nice view as well. It looked like a very nice place to spend the night. The trail to the campsite was over grown a bit, but worth the effort.

Great trail and somewhat difficult. Beautiful views and plant life galore.

Did this trail last weekend. Beautiful views off preacher's rock! Great section of the AT in Georgia. Suggest getting there early on weekends as parking fills up.

Great trail! It’s rocky and uphill for a good 2/3 mile about 1/2 mile in. Brought my dogs and they loved it too.

Well maintained trail that is easily to follow. You’ll reach Preacher’s Rock about 1.1 miles in. It’s a beautiful spot to take in the view and relax. This hike on All Trails will take you about another 1.1 miles down the trail. It is a pretty hike but the turnaround spot seems kind of random. There really isn’t a particular site or landmark at the turnaround spot, so you just have to keep an eye on the app. I went on a Monday and only encountered a handful of other people.

Simply spectacular! A steady climb up offers an amazing view. The trail is in great shape and is a pleasure to hike.

We did this trail on a Tuesday, mid August, around 10:30 a.m. parking was no problem. There were maybe 8 other people on the trail about the same time. We followed the all trails app map for the most part, but actually went a little farther, because we weren't sure if you are supposed to see anything in particular at the turnaround point. I'm not sure why this trail is the length that it is, But it is well maintained, and a nice hike. I think most people just turn around after reaching the top of preacher's rock, which is why they are reporting shorter distances on their GPS. There is a very short, steep-ish rocky section as you are reaching the top of preacher's rock, but I did the whole trail with a baby in my backpack and didn't have a problem, so I think most sure-footed people would be just fine.

Great views at Preachers Rock, but if you follow this map, it just ends in the middle of the trail in the middle of nowhere! Not sure what you accomplish going to end other than going over big cedar mountain. Hike to Preachers Rock is only a couple of miles round trip.

Great, well keep trial. Intermetiate with a few good inclines to break a sweat.

The trailhead is not marked but is it is easily located as a trail going up the hill at the end of Miller Gap Road. Take the time to hike the short side trail to the top of the mountain near Preachers Rock. There you will find another rock outcropping with equally amazing views. We took the shortcut loop to bypass a section of the AP but it is kind of sketchy in places so stick to the main AP trail unless you are comfortable with orienteering.

It was a little muddy but not too bad. Apple Watch clocked it at 2.28 miles round trip. Last quarter mile was a challenge. Great views at the top.

I arrived at the parking area around 6am on a Saturday and it was almost empty, so early is definitely better for weekend hikes. The trail was in great condition, even after rain the night before. Even in the heat of summer, this is a beautiful & not too long or overly strenuous hike, & any minor steepness you endure is well worth it for the views at the top.

Wonderful day of hiking with my family . what a view! Awesome

10/10 recommended! Definitely worth the last third rocky incline to the top to a awesome view! Out of our day trip and all the places we went, the AT had the most friendly hikers on it! Be sure you have hiking boots on. Safety Note- Me and my friend had service with both different major carriers on the trail all the way to the outlook, to have reassurance. But the view is worth it all!

Always a favorite though many years since we were here. The parking lot can get crowded. The trail is a mix of sun and shade. Much is very rocky. The climb is fairly steady and steep up. the climb may be difficult with very young children.

Rugged and difficult trail. Can park (overnight as well) at Byron Reece Memorial. Take Byron Reece trail to Blood Mountain split (someone identified Blood Mountain trail on sign). Take a right at the signs and follow white flashes up to the top.

Great trail for the whole family! My 2.5-yr old made it the entire way up and nearly the entire way back, and we saw lots of retired folks along the way. Very pretty, clean, and shaded for these hot hot days. Will definitely be back to hike with just the dogs.

Short section hike for me. Started around 10:30 on a really hot day (90+ degrees). It's an easy hike for the first half and then from Slaughter Creek to the top of Blood Mountain it is much harder under full pack. The hike east to Neels Gap isn't any easier just because it's downhill. It's nearly all rock hopping until the last mile and then it smooths out to the road crossing. Be sure to time your hike to reach the Mountain Crossing store BEFORE 5pm because that's when it closes. You can still get into the hostel after the store closes but you won't have access the the store (food and water) itself.

Nice trailrunning in lush environment. About 80% of the trail is runnable. West of Jarrard camp site a fountain to refill the camel. 3hrs altogether from Woody and back with a lunch break. 88 F a bit warm for a run. No bears nor snakes.

This was a really pretty area, but a little spooky- downed trees everywhere. The climb up Preachers was not bad, I climbed it weighing 285 and carrying a 25 pound backpack. We did not see any bears, but, going up Preachers (Preaching?) the wind changed directions and we did catch a very strong unmistakable musky odor. The views at the top though, totally gorgeous. Will definitely give this one another go.

Great little hike. Awesome view 3/4 up. Easy to moderate.

I have been here before in Sept. and it was wonderful! Trying to remember, which direction does the summit face? Thanks!

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