Cloudy days are great for a hike with the dogs. This hike, I agree, is moderate. There are some inclines that can make you breathless but stopping for a breather will get you to the top. Watch for holes in the path. Small trees fell and left ankle breakers. Hiking poles help a lot. Take water for your breaks. Several nice water locations. Enjoy! We did.

Great local place to hike or run. Different than normal wooded areas. Has cool rock outcroppings. Good year around but fall and spring are beautiful. Shaded trail but also open areas so on hot or winter cold days you feel it.

It had rained a lot the week before so I thought that it would be a good idea to go somewhere with lots of granite so I'd not be walking in as much mud...which was absurd when you think about the fact that granite isn't permeable so there were a whole lot of giant puddles and muddy spots. Still, it was a really nice afternoon out. I went here and did these trails and then walked over to the mountain view trail. I could take or leave the mountain view trail, but these two trails were really nice. The Forest Trail had a lot of precariously balanced dead trees that were fun to look at and there were areas where it skirted bald-granite areas and old quarry sites that looked like I was skirting some disaster area.

There's a short (about .1 miles) detour on the Forest Trail to the grave of someone named Mary Wade that had some really cool granite outcroppings, though the grave itself is nearly in someone's backyard and, it being winter, the foliage was thinned out enough that it felt a little awkward going to it. And the grave itself wasn't that interesting.

The Mile Rock Trail is really cool: it's not much unlike going up Arabia Mountain or Stone Mountain except that it's flat, there are a ton of frogs, and a lot of ruins. It reminded me of a set from the original Doctor Who series. I generally favor more challenging trails and was surprised at how much I enjoyed these two. I'll definitely go back when I want to stay close to the city or don't have the energy for something more strenuous.

Easy and fun. The area is cool and it’s fun to explore. We came out late Sunday afternoon with our beagle and it was a perfect way to end the week. Not much required besides decent shoes and some water. Will definitely do again.

Great for dog walking

One of my favorites.

One of my favorites

Blazes on yellow are a tad sparse, but overall an easy trail and a great dog walk.

Very little excitement in terms of scenery or technicality on this trail. Wasn't particularly well marked and not maintained very well. Won't be doing again.

This was a nice hike. The part on the Cascade Trail portion takes you along the stream, with nice views of the small cascades. We did encounter some wildlife - three deer, a black snake, and a brown water snake...keep your eyes open and enjoy. Please be aware that M-F during working hours several trails in this area are closed.

Awesome trail! Great scene view of Pole Bridge Creek from Cascade Trail. Mostly gradual elevation changes along Wilburn Farm Trail.
Can't wait to hike it again!

Great hike on a gorgeous Saturday morning. Don't miss your chance to visit Arabia Mountain.

A nice, easy hike. Worth your time if not just to get out and see something new.

Great rock structures ...

Gorgeous for beginners like me. Fairly easy to navigate. Some obstacles along the way. (That makes it fun). I love this trail. Taking the rock trail up is hard on your feet. Make sure your shoes are prepared. Other than that it's beautiful!!!

I would say this is a moderate trail due to the hills. But I'm not in great shape. Walking along the creek is amazing!! I would recommend this trail. Beginners it's a lot of up hill. But it's worth it.

Nice Visit... Great for kids

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