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It's easy to see why this is one of Georgias most popular state parks. Amicalola, a Cherokee Indian word meaning tumbling waters, is an appropriate name for these 729-foot falls the tallest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River. An 8.5-mile approach trail leads from the park to Springer Mountain, the southern end of the famed 2,135-mile Appalachian Trail. However, numerous other trails are available for shorter journeys. A beautiful lodge at the top of the mountain is popular with guests who prefer traditional hotel comforts, while the cottages and campgrounds are more rustic. The park's Maple Restaurant is known for its spectacular views and Sunday brunch buffet. For hikers who enjoy more adventure, a 5-mile trail leads to the backcountry Len Foote Hike Inn. Be sure to stop by the visitor center to see an Appalachian Trail display, nature exhibits, live animals and a gift shop. Please note that Amicalola Falls is exceptionally busy during peak leaf season. Guests may prefer to visit during the week or carpool on weekends. Advanced reservations for accommodations are highly recommended

It was a pretty neat trail. Climbing the steps to the top of the waterfall was the most challenging part. There were plenty of spots to take breaks if needed. Very pretty!

Great trail to day hike. The first 3 miles(including the steps) was the most strenuous part. I left from Amicalola Falls State Part at 8:30, peaked Springer right at noon and hiked all the way back by 3:30. Distance according to my Apple Watch was 17.3 round trip. Not any views along the trail other than the falls at amicalola and top of springer. Very well beaten path that can be easily hiked as long as you can handle the distance.

Went here and I was blown away by the power that the falls have on you when you see them in person. The stairs are a challenge but they are worth it!

Walked down the trail then up the steps, both had amazing views!

1 month ago

There isn't better waterfall views than this! This .3 mile 'hike' is a paved stroll with easy access to the falls overlook. I think the longer option of going up the stairs would have been a more exciting trail, but this is a perfect option with children or a wheelchair.

We went hiking when it was raining, it was definitely challenging going to the top but we ended up going back down to where the falls is because of bad weather. But overall it was pretty great and I would do it all over again, on a sunny day

This is an easy alternative trail to the falls. It was short and easier for our elderly dog.

1 month ago

Excellent views...worth the effort... even with the crowds with selfie sticks.

Loved it amazing. I went November with beautiful coloring of leaves and walked the trail then down the steps .

be prepared to go up alot of steps. beautiful falls . crazy busy

We went the wrong way up by mistake but it was a good choice. Trail is not easy but was fun. The view from the top is a great panoramic one. The view of the falls from the bottom of the steps was the best. Great day.

Took the AT approach trail to walk the steps up. The steps are not for the faint of heart. The views of the falls on the way up are great. And at the top is awesome. Took the East trail on the way back down. Very rocky at the top. Watch your footing so as to not roll an ankle. The trail itself is nice, wooded.

Beautiful but extremely crowded, go on a cold or rainy day.

3 months ago


gorgeous waterfall!, took creek trail up and and it wasn't a bad hike at all. going down we went down east ridge trail which was pretty sketchy. lots of loose rocks and erosion. I would def do this again...

Awesome trail! Steps were a good workout. Beautiful views of the falls. Not that crowded of a trail. Very rocky in some places so watch your step!

Trail starting behind the visitors center to the falls is the best direction to take due to the condition of the trail and rocks.

Stunningly beautiful day and nobody is at Springer Mountain which is unusual

Loved this trail. Parked at the visitors center and took the trail behind it, up to the top of the falls. It was a very steep climb and very rocky in some parts. There were a couple of lookout points along the way that offered spectacular views of the surrounding area. You can’t see the falls from the top, so we decided to take the hundreds of steps down to the base. The stairs wrap around the falls and the view gets better as you go down. There are many spots to stop and rest or take pics. The stairs can be a bit daunting for someone who has a fear of heights, such as myself. However, it was absolutely worth it! Once at the bottom, we walked back to the parking lot. The signage was not the best and we ended up street walking for a good portion. There were some trails marked, but we weren’t sure where they would end. Overall, Im so glad that we visited.

I absolutely loved this trail! We did it at dusk, which was probably a bad choice considering how steep it is, but it was lovely anyways. Plus we got to catch the sunset. Other reviewers are right about the stairs. They can be brutal. But the views are so, so worth it.

This trail can be started from several different points. The Alltrails map guide has you starting at the bottom of the 425 steps of the falls (which are a must see). I think you might enjoy it better if you view the falls and then drive to the upper falls parking lots. The trail is rated as moderate which I think may deserve an asterisk * verifying with or without overnight pack. I did the hike with a 36 lbs. pack that made it much more than moderate. The trail was well marked and well maintained, there was a point were I reached a fork in the trail the right trail led to the Hike Inn and the left was the AT approach trail. Looking at my app it didn't look as if the trails came out at the same spot but they do at the 3.4 miles to go sign beyond the Hike Inn, so that would have been nice to know I really wanted to walk through the Lenn Foote Inn.

Ok, view of woods mostly, not any water source until towards the end of hike near Springer.

Great trail. Lots of steep stair climbing along side of falls.

I did this trek in 2017 and stopped just shy of Frosty Mtn at Amicalola Mtn on my first day of hiking in 12 years. The sunset was beautiful that March 6th

It was absolutely beautiful and the finish was very rewarding.

Great park, couple different trail options. Steps can be strenuous but overall super easy and enjoyable afternoon hike.

Definitely recommend taking the Ridge Trail on the way up and the Appalachian Approach Trail on the way down. Easier that way as there are steel grate stairs (426 steps) that are easier to walk down than up. We hiked this today with our 11-year-old. So beautiful.

This trail is a more strenuous than “moderate”. I really enjoyed it but considering the elevation and the steep climbs, many quite rocky I would err to rate this more “hard”. I took this trail and veered off to the the Len Foote Hike Inn trail, this was an 11 mi loop back to the park and well worth it as the Hike in trail was a good balance to this strenuous trail.

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