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I did this trek in 2017 and stopped just shy of Frosty Mtn at Amicalola Mtn on my first day of hiking in 12 years. The sunset was beautiful that March 6th

It was absolutely beautiful and the finish was very rewarding.

Great park, couple different trail options. Steps can be strenuous but overall super easy and enjoyable afternoon hike.

Definitely recommend taking the Ridge Trail on the way up and the Appalachian Approach Trail on the way down. Easier that way as there are steel grate stairs (426 steps) that are easier to walk down than up. We hiked this today with our 11-year-old. So beautiful.

This trail is a more strenuous than “moderate”. I really enjoyed it but considering the elevation and the steep climbs, many quite rocky I would err to rate this more “hard”. I took this trail and veered off to the the Len Foote Hike Inn trail, this was an 11 mi loop back to the park and well worth it as the Hike in trail was a good balance to this strenuous trail.

Great trails and beautiful views. Climbs are moderately difficult.

Great trail but tough with 40 lb pack!

We started at Hightower Gap and finished our day at Woody Gap. Our route started out pretty intense, Sassafras Mountain is no joke but it really nice.

22 days ago

I started around 7:30am and got to the top of springer mountain at about 10. The ascent to Springer is pretty rough, but well worth it. I also took the Len Foote trail back to Amicalola Falls which I’m happy I did. There is a little more to look at. Overall, this is definitely one of my favorite hikes to date.

Beautiful views! Well worth the effort. I’m a beginning walker/hiker & struggled a bit on the last leg of the climb up, but I did it, twice in the last month in fact! If I can do this, anyone can!!

Loved this hike. started at the lower parking area and hiked to the top of the falls. then went down the stairs to the pool and trail back. Best way to hike this trail. Starting at the falls doesn't build any anticipation.

Great views and moderate workout. Trail clearly marked.

It’s a stunning view! The steps are in excellent shape and handrails smooth wood.. so lovely! The canopy of trees was such a blessing!! You definitely feel like you’ve accomplished something after this hike!

Decent hike, beatuiful waterfall!!! It is crowded however but worth the trip.

Hit the trail at 7am just as the sun was coming up. Made it to Springer by 10. Very quiet, peaceful trail. Not much in the way of views until you get there. Chose to take the Hike Inn loop on the return. Was happy I did. There are more views on this trail and a couple pretty little water features. Made it back to the car just after 2pm finishing 17.5 miles. I brought a 3L camelpak and drank almost all of it. It was a great hike and one I’m happy to check off my list.

Great hike.. it's best to go earlier in the morning before noon, otherwise you'd be stuck in traffic. After being in traffic mon- fri the worst thing is to be stuck in traffic on the weekends. We got there at 8am on a Sunday (clear and calm). by the time we left it was bumper to bumper in the park so I'm good we got there when we did. The hike is great for beginning hikers(myself). Great views and a great workout. There are multiple paths and be sure to put on bug repellent.

My Husband and I drove up to the top of the falls, and walked down all 604 steps. it was our first time there. I am not a small Girl by any means.& with a number of health issues, so for Me to be able to make it... anyone can!! Just be sure whether your going up from the bottom or down from the top, pace yourself you do NOT want to rush this climb. oh and be sure to stop on the bridge that crosses over the middle of the falls. I had a great time and can not wait to do it again.

1 month ago

Parked at Amicalola and headed up around 2:30, hoping to make it it Spring before dark. Hike was moderate in most places with some flat breaks. No water sources in the first 2/3 of the trail so bring plenty of water. Plenty of camp sites for those who may not want to go the distance. No views, just calm forest trail. Great community of hikers up at Springer.

We hiked this trail by accident. we were actually trying to find another trail head and finally gave up and decided we'd do the trail we could find which ended up being the AT Approach. we only did about 5.5 miles in and then 5.5 miles back as we got a late start. we really enjoyed this trail and two weeks later decided to go back and do another trail that meets up with this one (Len Foote Trail I believe it is called). great shade cover and a decent amount of elevation change so it feels challenging in both directions. we hiked this trail on Saturday 7/28/18.

It was a great day for this hike. NO RAIN. Trail was dry and great for hike. Passed only one person on this trail. It was deathly quite which made it really enjoyable.

Awesome hike! Took 4 hours to get to springer and 4 hours down. It’s been raining a lot lately so there was plenty of spots with water flowing but I imagine in dry months, that wouldn’t be the case. Started hiking at 6am and didn’t see anyone until I got to the “summit”. Trail is well marked. Plenty of nice campsites, but trash in most of the fire pits.

Started on the right side behind the visitor's lodge and hiked up, then took the steps back down. Highly recommend going in the morning before it gets hot and people start flowing in! We were finished around noon (on a Sunday) and the steps were packed with people on our way down. Also as a previous review stated please do not take your dog on the steps! There are so many other ways up or down that are less painful for them.

Great trail! Beautiful view! Super helpful staff.

moderate traffic doesn't begin to describe. I did frosty trail (which is actually the Appalachian approach trail starting in Amicalola state park), and instead of out and backing it, I took the hike inn trail, connected to len Foote trail and looped back out. saw 3 bears, a deer, and an owl. I wish I had the description better and seem it was in a state park. I hate crowds and this place on 4th of July was packed. what was massively disappointing was the family that was arguing with one another on both sides of my car. sorry we don't understand each other... but when someone is getting into their car, kindly move your bs somewhere else. I literally had to start backing out before these people got away from my car. smh. I wish people wouldn't ruin nature hikes with using their voices.

Took the trail up and the stairs down. The trail was steeper than we expected even though its pretty short. I'd recommend doing the loop the opposite way we did. Love the falls! Was very crowded as expected on a Saturday. There are multiple elevations to park at so its very accessible even if you're not a hiker.

definitely the most beautiful I've ever seen, the stairs are a definite workout!!

The falls are great the hike was very challenging but we loved it!

After walking the many steps downward. Taking in all the beauty of the falls. Got down to the bottom, went into the visitor center to inquire about the way up.
Options: stairs or trail.
Trail chosen. Many times the trail only included BIG rocks. Stopped to lean on trees.
Back to the lodge after about 2 hrs.
Felt great. Then I met a fella that had just completed the Appalachian trail. You see this is the end of the trail. He had been walking for 6 months.
I had a short lived victory. Oh well, so much for my 2 hours.
All in all, it was great!

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