It's easy to see why this is one of Georgias most popular state parks. Amicalola, a Cherokee Indian word meaning tumbling waters, is an appropriate name for these 729-foot falls the tallest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River. An 8.5-mile approach trail leads from the park to Springer Mountain, the southern end of the famed 2,135-mile Appalachian Trail. However, numerous other trails are available for shorter journeys. A beautiful lodge at the top of the mountain is popular with guests who prefer traditional hotel comforts, while the cottages and campgrounds are more rustic. The park's Maple Restaurant is known for its spectacular views and Sunday brunch buffet. For hikers who enjoy more adventure, a 5-mile trail leads to the backcountry Len Foote Hike Inn. Be sure to stop by the visitor center to see an Appalachian Trail display, nature exhibits, live animals and a gift shop. Please note that Amicalola Falls is exceptionally busy during peak leaf season. Guests may prefer to visit during the week or carpool on weekends. Advanced reservations for accommodations are highly recommended

So nice :)

nice trail my 6 & 7 year olds made it to the top and back down no problem

10 days ago

Don't get me wrong the falls and the views were amazing. But the amount of people there ruins it all. If you love nature and finding the serenity in it then this is not the spot to go. It was a constant battle ducking and dodging people moving side to side to let people take there family portraits. Way to trafficked for my liking but it still is a beautiful place.

Lots of steps! Definitely a good cardio workout. The waterfall was so pretty and the view from the top was awesome. I saw dogs but was glad we didn't bring ours. The steps are kind of like iron grates and I think it might not feel good on their feet. Bigger dogs might do better but it'd be rough for a small to medium dog in my opinion. But...great for people!

Nice trail. Lots of steps. Amazing view of the waterfall!

did this trail 3 days ago and it was amazing. if you enjoy the sounds of flowing water, then this is the hike for you. even though this was a weekday, there were a good amount of people here. however, I was able to get that "secluded" feeling on the mtn. laurel loop part of the trail. the falls themselves are one of the most beautiful, natural sights I have ever seen. GREAT day hike destination with lots of "comfort" amenities.

The trail is tough but the falls and staircase are gorgeous.

1 month ago