Saw a good amount of wildlife within an hour; armadillo, raccoon, owl.

I have spent many Januarys in S FL, and have looked for decent walking trails. This is the closest I've come to feeling surrounded by nature without heading to the Everglades. Yes, there is the noise from the nearby parkway but if you go to the trail via the Yamato Nature Preserve, there is the scent of pine and the soft feel of pine needles which line the trail. Farther along the trail is paved, and I wondered if the nature area was here for awhile since it seems paved trails are a thing of the past. The blue lupine trail itself is white sand covered passing through palm groves and across the El Rio levy. And there are blue lupine along the trail. It seems So much of this area is built up. It was nice to find a trail where we could take a very long walk, and feel we were in a natural area. Coordinates for the parking lot: N 26 24 543, W 080 05 803

Nice to walk but the noise of the traffic is terrible.

It was a nice easy hike for all ages. Easy to navigate because of the yellow dots on the polls. Only problem is you can hear the highway the whole time your on the trail.

Trail cuts south off of the end of the Cicada Nature Trail. The trail is clearly marked with yellow blazes on wooden posts.

11 months ago

The Cicada Nature Trail is the Main trail leading into the Yamato Scrub Nature Area. It's a paved sidewalk trail making it wheelchair accessible and great for small kids.