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The Danes cave and Lizzie hart sink is very Florida. The trail shows a loop that returns to the caves but it is poorly marked and maintained so I walked past it on the well blazed yellow trail and ended up on Stagecoach rd and had to walk a 1.5 miles on a busy rd to get back to the trailhead. I will run a shuttle next time. Well worth the hike. The sink is a huge ancient Florida sinkhole now reclaimed by nature with some water in the bottom.

This was our first trail in this area. We did the North Loop. We did not see another hiker until the last mile. Really enjoyed the pine forests and elevation changes. Looking forward to hiking some of the other trails in the area.

We hiked the loop A or North loop to the crossover. Great day to hike. We saw two deers. Took some time to visit the civil war cemetery. Great loop hikes that will help you prepare for hikes outside of Florida.

Great family hike for all ages. Short jaunt to Peace Cave. Usually crowded. Fun to descend down easy path and welcome the coolness at the lower level. Smaller caves to explore once in main cavern. Pretty to walk the sandy trails in Withlacoochee beyond the caves/sinkholes. Peaceful and calming

Fun trail if you are feeling a little adventurous. First trailhead GPS first on alltrails takes you to a dead-end with barbed wire fence. Go back about 50 feet and on your left you will see a grassy area to park with Trailhead well hidden back behind trees.
The trail is very overgrown. You feel like a trail blazer, at times wishing you had a machete. Recommend wearing long pants to protect against briars and the such.
Feels very secluded; although you are walking near border fence off and on. Nice, serene and green. Many birds and tons of spiders - golden orb silk weavers high over trail

1 month ago

The A Loop(Northern Loop) is probably the more traveled of the three loop hikes that start at Tucker Hill but yet,...you may not run into a single soul. The trail is rolling through mostly pine forest and is easy to follow. Hike it either ...clockwise or counter. I prefer clockwise. Along this trail you'll come across the infamous Peace Sign and an old diggings area(good place to take a break). Get an early start and you'll have a good chance of seeing wildlife. Today, lots of woodpeckers and deer. And...this time of year all the wildflowers are blooming. This is one of my favorites hikes.

Amazing place I take my dogs a lot never crowded in the morning specially throughout the week. The weekends unfortunately are a big tourist attraction to the Caves I avoid them and only go during the week with my family

1 month ago

The C Loop is the southern loop of the three (A,B, & C Loops) stacked hiking loops. The loop is well marked and easy to follow. The terrain is mostly rolling sand hills through pine forest and oak hammocks. Along the route you'll come across a diggings area that will strike your interest and will more than likely give you an urge to take a closer look. You'll also have to walk a short distance through a hunter's/horse camp. Just keep a good eye on the blazes and you'll find your way through it. The newly extended Good Neighbor Trail cuts across the trail twice, now. This make this trail a little less appealing to me but, it might not bother other folks. Overall, it's a nice walk in the woods.

3 months ago

Thank you brother Jim for the tracking polls they make the hills a whole lot nicer. The yellow trail goes into the orange trail. I didn’t do a loop someday I’ll have the time. Who drives on the forest roads I wonder?The Northtrail opens very shaded not a canopy but just lots of small Oaks. Then opens up in the Pines Pines in more Pines. You see lightning damage on the Pines. You see fire damage, a little tiny Pines very interesting not wet at all. I did see raccoon tracks in the sandy area is. Very interesting I love

I thought there would be more of the trail next to the river. instead it was on the other side of a fence through some trees. we still went through to see the river lol. It was a good trail though my son saw a deer and we saw some deer tracks and scrapes. all in all we had a great time.

Walked this trail with the family yesterday. Yellow blazes turned to orange early on so we followed those. Came out of the woods on Croom Rd. at the A-B crossing (6 miles East) instead of at the parking lot. Do yourself a favor and download the map, otherwise your 8 mile hike will turn into 15.

The trail is beautiful and dry(!). Not much wild life to see but the kids had a great time running down the hills. We'll definitely do the trail again, only with a downloaded map, since there is zero cell coverage.

Cool caves but the grafiti is a little disappointing. The loop around is pretty good with some nice elevation change. Saw a couple of deer.

Not much happening around this trail. There are a couple of sink holes and mini gorge. Good shade cover.

not a lot of single track trail. mostly Jeep trails. it is isolated, without a lot of variety so you get to be alone. a lot of open spaces, so you are sure to see wildlife.

Great trail! Saw one person on our 10 mile hike. Deer, gopher tortoise and a bobcat as well as lush wildlife and a variety pines and oaks. Definitely recommend this trail. Be cautious if you take the green trail “shortcut.” It was not well marked nor travelled and is definitely not a shortcut. We loved the adventure, so it worked out well anyway.

Good trail, lots of elevation changes and interesting landscape in the forest. Lacking basic comfort such as bathrooms, water fountains and trash cans.
Trail mostly marked, but signage is insufficient.
Caves are a sight to behold however special equipment is likely called for so we stayed out. No warning signs posted which seems dangerous.
Parking is also directly on the side of a 55 mph road so getting in and out is treacherous.

There are some hills. Don’t let it being in Florida assume its flat. Beautiful and lots of variety of scenery.

Nice 4 mile walk, very diverse vegetation. tree cover provide shaded walk on a sunny day on a wide trail.

Typical Florida hiking trail. Not crowded only saw couple people on the trail. It was nice I do it again. Just a great walk in the woods

Great Trail. Super well marked
Some elevation which is rare in FL.
Partially shaded by lots of trees. Many Large Oak trees, some fallen. A few large,old sinkholes. About 5-10% recently burned. An extra bonus, an old Civil War cemetery 100 yds in front of car parking. Took 5.25 hrs at a good clip with some stopping. Will do this again.

Excellent blaze to follow. Nice Florida elevation changes

Nice trail and well marked. A few downed trees to work around but no big deal. The caves looked pretty cool but I’m no spelunker so I stayed out.

Great trail, big old growth trees, cool caves. Unlike other reviewers, we had no issue following this trail as it has visible yellow paint markers on trees.

We drove over from Tampa and met a friend coming in from Sanford. The trails were more extensive than that which is reflected here. There is a decent map at the trailhead but we would recommend that you take a picture of it as there are no hardcopy maps to take with you. There are decent trail indicators here. Be aware that some of the trails adjacent to the controlled burn areas are very torn up due to the heavy equipment that they use to control the fires. This means that the trails are very uneven with soft sand. Easy to turn agn ankle with the proverbial two steps forward and one step back. When we got out of the area of the controlled burns the trail was much more enjoyable. Also, the trailhead references “Hampton“ entrance and that made us wonder if we were at the right place. Given that the trails are much more extensive than reflected on this trail you may want to try out some of the other options to see if the hiking is a more enjoyable.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hiked the north loop last week. Not a ton of traffic through the week which is nice. The weather was perfect and the trail was beautiful.

Trail is not at all maintained. You'll encounter fallen tree after fallen tree across the path and it's very easy to lose the trail in parts.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I tried pieces of several trails. I walked on the bike trail, which really isnt allowed I found out later on. I just did a little piece of the South Trail North Trail, I think I prefer the Northtrail. There are definitely some slopes and you'll be going down and up. Very pretty I did see a deer!

It was too hot for me today 93 to really enjoy the trail, I did however see a deer and my first alligator, the deer ran right towards me, than past me like I wasn't even there right on the straight hard pack road that begins the trail. The gator was in a small green swamp almost back to the y of the trail. It's quite sandy hiking the loop and not much for shade.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

This was excellent. I parked near the silver lake recreation area day use lot, had some trouble finding the trail head. If you walk down to the boat ramp and look left you should see it, you have to walk under the overpass (75). We took the high water trail to B loop, and basically did the outer loop which totaled 16.89 miles. Took about 8 hours. There are a few campsites along the way you can stop at. We ate lunch at Tucker Hill campsite. The forest changes landscapes a few times which is cool. I really felt like I was in the wilderness. Didn't see a single person all day. I also only saw lizards and birds. I didn't see any sign of boar. The trail is very well marked. I'll definitely be back

Grown in tick trail in the FL scrub. Approach is an abandoned road. No signs or trail markers. Almost seems like Alltrails took us to the wrong place.

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