Hiked this trail for about 11 miles last weekend. We continued about 2.5 miles past the point of turn around on map.Nice trail and shade but beware of tics. We were covered with them on our legs. Next time would definitely wear pants. 4 out of 5 for a Florida trail.

Took the AllTrails route, East-West portion is partially shaded, packed dirt and sand. If you only want to see the caves, they are on this path. Saw some graffiti. Going South into the sink, the trail is well marked on trees in yellow. The sink trail is slightly rocky, narrower, with elevations, great fun!! The South to North portion of the train was a flat sand road with little shade.

Recent work has been done to the Florida trail through this Richloam area by the FTA and it’s very well appreciated. This time of year devils creek is totally navigable and no other wet areas down by the bypass next to the Withlacoochee River. Great time of year to hit the trail just beware of how hot it can be with not much cloud cover yet still high temperatures. Easy to get overheated without proper hydration. I take Gatorade and freeze them to where they are like slush. Great to be able to get out again in these places after being shut down for a while like they were. Stay safe all!!

Trails are within the Hampton Tract of the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve. Well marked parking lot but easy to miss, right at the intersection of Deen Still and Rockridge Rd. Maps at the gate - take one! - but also bring your compass. Trails are well marked but there are some confusing intersections that the map doesn’t help with and it’s a big property. Also bring bug spray and plenty of water. I did this with mountain bike - all trails are wide, multi-use, various surfaces, some better maintained than others. I went on a Saturday morning and had the whole place to myself. Nice flat woods and lakes towards the back of the property.

Trail is open. ITS AN AWESOME TRAIL!! Mostly covered, the caves are only about 3/4 of a mile into the trail. trail is nicely marked, just follow the yellow blaze. i saw lots of flowers butterflies, lots of birds.

1/3 of the trail is on the road because of the water at the time.

This is my favorite trail of all the trails in this area. There are some massive trees, the views are good and they have recently cleared the part of the trail that was obstructed with downed trees and brush. There is even a abandoned quarry that you can poke around about halfway around.

We just hiked this today! We did the North Loop first...... pretty flat and easy hiking. The South Loop has a couple of small hills but was still easy hiking in our opinion. Both Loops were very well marked. Loved it!

I love this trail! It is excellent for trail running which is what I primarily do. I will echo what many of the other reviews said. 1) You can follow the yellow trail at the very beginning but it turns to orange pretty quick and you can go much further than 3.2 miles. The furthest I've gone is out 6 miles (a little past the Crooked River Campsite) and then turned back. The trail is well marked but pay attention because other trails cross paths with it. 2) There are lots of ticks. Use bug spray or permethrin and definitely thoroughly check for ticks afterward. I've done this trail three times and have found a tick every single time.

This is one of my favorite trails to hike. So beautiful.

Great hike plenty of elevation changes and serene places to disconnect from society and be in nature.

Some of the trails are well marked but all trails didnt keep an accurate trail direction. Was a good hike dry everywhere and good shade in some areas. Saw alot wildlife and not too many people. Alot off road vehicles

Amazing. So many caves. And a lot of elevation/ups and downs considering it’s Florida

Beautiful hike and plenty of shade. We veered off path and followed orange blazes that took us all the way to Crooked River Campground. We ended up hiking a total of 10.5 miles. Luckily we had snacks and plenty of water.

This trail was a good length if you dont want to spend the entire day hiking. It's not as scenic as some of the other trails in this area but it's still a nice hike. Being well maintained, having plenty of shade throughout the trail and not too sandy, it makes for an easier hike. The yellow blazes are very easy to follow except for right after you enter the trail.

It was a cool trail. Very dirty water. There’s a campground right next to the trail the sighting was definitely cool but I wouldn’t wanna camp to such swampy water. Cool experience and I’ll probably come back!

Fun time! Caves are great but not a place for solitude. The loop was far less traveled and provided a nice break from the crowds.

best place to enter is John R Stricker Rd off of Cortez. Well maintained and great markings. the cypress lake is beautiful.

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3 months ago

I recommend this Trail. Dirt road into the cave is easy and takes no time at all to reach. the loop around is varying elevation and some rocky parts.lots of shade typical pine wood forest a wonderful little hike. The caves aren't big. or deep,but it's very interesting to see that in Central Florida.

Enjoyed hiking Croom A north 8 miles loop thru pine woods...miles and miles of pine trees and good elevation gains. Canopies and wild flowers were beautiful. In the Croom tract there are 3 loops (A, B &C) ranging from 8 to 10 miles but one could combine them and do up to 16 miles.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike through pine forest, oak, along cypress ponds. Semi-shaded--this would have been a hot hike on a warmer day. Fairly well isolated, we only came across to groups of hikers. We saw skinks, a red-headed woodpecker, frogs, and heard lots of birds. We also found some oyster mushrooms!

3 months ago

Very pretty hike! Nice flat packed down earth for easy traverse.

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