Great park, not the best signage. Each Yellow Trail sign was the same thing. Putting a “You are here” mark on each one would help a lot.

Nice quiet trail located right in Inverness. We chose the 2.4 mile yellow trail. The route winds through Whispering Pines Park, which has something for everyone, including a pool, basketball and tennis courts, baseball diamonds and even a Frisbee golf course.
Be vigilant for trail markings; most of the yellow blazes are painted on roots in the middle of the trail. Other trails intersect with the yellow trail, often with no signage to keep you on track. We didn’t get lost, though, so I still gave it 5 stars.

I walk the Perimeter Trail 6 days a week... it is 2.9 miles.

nice hiking trails. dogs allowed on outer perimeter only. very well mapped out with good signage!

Very nice park and nice area however dogs are not allowed

Although 1/2 of the trail is along side major roads I really enjoyed this trail. Lots of signs of Golfer Tortoises. I also saw lots of birds and butterflies. Most of the trail is in the shade.

Monday, September 14, 2015