This park protects four miles of pristine coastline along the Gulf of Mexico in western Pasco County. The salt spring looks small, but it is an amazing 320 feet deep. Gray fox, gopher tortoises, alligators, and West Indian manatees call this park and its waters home. Birdwatchers can enjoy sighting raptors, wading birds, shore birds, and migratory songbirds. A recent addition to the state park system, Werner-Boyce now has a picnic pavilion, tables, informational kiosk, and a short hiking trail. Plans for the future include providing more access and recreational opportunities for visitors. Park entrance is located at the end of Cinema Drive along Scenic Drive. Turn west off US 19 onto Cinema Drive, park entrance is approx 2/10ths of a mile.

Lovely trail overall. The only issue is that it isn't clearly marked. We followed the first two arrows left and found ourselves following the loop backwards after the small boardwalk. I suggest starting by heading right at the fork after Cauldron Spring.

Easy trail. Was mucky in areas due to recent rain. No bugs out there today, low 70’s with slight breeze. I could see in the summer it might be pretty wet and buggy. Nice walk along the salt marshes.

First time to this easy walking trail. Great sites and trails.

Very small trail, 2$ to park, couple of tables and we saw some turtles
Don’t go if it’s raining, very muddy l.

An almost gratuitous amount of Horseflys, and the trail was flooded. To be fair it has been raining a lot this past week. I enjoyed the cauldron right in front of the nature trailhead. It was short, but still very beautiful. Would do it again with big spray. Happy Hiking!

Nice park with beautiful springs, a variety of birds, fish, crabs and gators.

Some of the trail gets muddy. Nice springs and kayak rental too. Small park with plenty of parking and some boardwalk area. lots of unique birds.

8 months ago

Meh it's kinda scary. It dead ends on 52 west of 19. There is no actual parking lot you are supposed to park outside the gate where 52 ends. There really isn't people there most of the time and there's a lot of homeless in the area. On the "trail", which, due to over growth is hard to navigate, there was empty beer cans. I only did about a half mile before I felt completely freaked out and needed to leave. They need to do some work here and it could actually be a place people would visit.

We love walking this trail with our dog.

nice park to go too

nice park go to and fish

Very short, beautiful trail. Saw some cool tracks. Probably Skunk Ape or Sasquatch.

9 months ago

Very nice walk. Beautifully maintained. Ample parking.

My husband and I love this park. It is small but the presence of springs throughout the park makes it special. Beautifully maintained, helpful staff, and it is multi-purpose, too,. It has sections for picnicking, some fishing, and they have a KAYAK/SUP rental as well.

paddle sports
Friday, October 20, 2017

Great place to launch off on a kayak. You have two options, go through the springs or head out past the mangrove islands to the gulf. We have seen birds and dolphins when we have been out. Kayak rentals are available for single or tandem. Last boat rental launches at 3pm. Lift jackets and a map are provided.

Another reviewer wrote the other, southern, portion to be small. This, however, is the small portion of the Werner- Boyce trail system. It's entrance is located behind, and near, the Hollywood 18 theatre. It is a short loop that showcases the diversity of Florida's natural beauty. I recommend it for anyone looking to get away for a short hike or to sit on one of the provided benches along the trail and appreciate the sounds of nature around you.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

This section of the Werner Boyce Salt Springs Park was ravaged by fire a few years back. There were many fire breaks cut and the trails left in rough shape. There is plenty of growth and wildlife now but, during high tide and after a good bit of rain, the trails are almost impossible to travel. The Park Ranger at the southern springs entrance, off US19 near Stone Road, assured my wife and I that it was slated for repair and a face lift "soon". It was also acknowledged by the Park Ranger that this section would be connected to the entrance off Scenic Drive near Cinema Drive. I look forward to this parks further development.

Friday, June 30, 2017

My wife and I have hiked this park many times since it opened. The improvements made thus far have been amazing. It is well kept and now features beautiful trails, kayak and canoe rentals, and a bath house. Great for families to explore. Has a lovely picnic area and several benches or covered tables along the trails. It's so nice to have this gem in our area. I can't wait to see the northern section (Black Rail Trail) finished as well. Bring bug spray in the wet season and enjoy!!

New boardwalks and trail expansions were added since this park opened several years ago. They also rent kayaks now and have kayak dollies available for those bringing their own boats. Nice kayak launch.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

it was okay it's very small though.

on Black Rail Trail

1 month ago

1 month ago

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