Like previous reviewers said. First half mile is filed with debris then after it’s beautiful! Scared a gator while crossing crabgrass creek (by accident). On the way back was a bit more cautious and caught it catches some rays back on the log. Def want to come out here with another person. Being alone out in these woods isn’t the best decision.

The first half mile was covered in debris, vines, and knocked down trees. Once you make it through that, there’s nothing but beauty from there on out. The only other problem that we had was flooding. So if it rained for long periods of time prior to your hike expect to your shoes to be soaked because there’s about a half mile of trail that’s prone to flooding. Follow the orange markers and you will eventually hike 5 miles to a dead end and have to turn around. So the hike itself is 10 miles there and back. Who ever takes care of that trail I just want to say thank you , the hard work and dedication shows.

a little over grown but still nice

very nice place to walk. peaceful and relaxing.

Sunday, November 27, 2016