trail running
18 days ago

A great escape in Tallahassee to hike. Well maintained and wherever you start on the trail it's a lovely walk :)

One of my favorite hikes, it is easy as a walking trail (biking trails look much more challenging). You can hike it year-round, but wear mosquito spray during warmer weather. It's in Tallahassee, with the easiest parking at the end of Pedrick Road.

Always a nice walk, and very convenient. The new overlook is amazing and the lakes are always a pleasant site. Great trail, if not a little too busy sometimes.

trail running
2 months ago

Use Billy trail to go all the way around the lake. Take Cadillac trail for a great trail run. Watch for bikes.

Flat packed stone. Diked areas for waterfowl. Alligators are quite numerous near the waters edge.

Peaceful. Not crowded

Easy trails for hiking. Water for dog to cool in, watch for gators and snakes though.

Beautiful Trail with slightly hilly terrain. Wonderful sightseeing and great lake views.

1 year ago

Good trail. Well marked-wildlife. Great views as you approach Heritage Trail Park. Even better to cross between the lakes and go up to the railroad bridge crossover.