Pretty area; easy access. We rode our bikes and had a nice time. The only draw back was the trash left behind from years of people who don’t appreciate conservation.

Very quiet. No other people around. Real wilderness feel.

Lots of baby boars out here right now. I didn't see the momma but didn't want to either. Bring lots of water and come early if you're bringing your dog!

Saw the butt end of a couple hogs. Trail is mostly in a dirt road path. Gets muddy in some spots. Bring mosquito spray.

Ok that whole Gasparilla thing was pretty cool... but it's time to get back to the bush

Hiking - Terra Ceia Preserve State Park - Drive in and "bird pond"

Date: Jan 29th  

Temp: 65F Cloudy  Arrival: 2pm

Landscapes: Amazing tree mix along waterways, Mangrove forests, Marshes

Animals seen: Tropical birds, Soaring Eagles, Wild pigs, Gator, Armadillo, Cool butterfies...

As you Drive in you see a Boat launch area to your right.  Here you can pull in a take a short loop trail which takes you to some mangrove forests.  Nice mix of large Palm trees nestled among Floridas other trees.

Along this road to your left you will find gates in which you can just pull over and hike from there.  They are the entrances. When you first leave the boat launch you will see a pond on your left.. stop before you get there and get out and creep up on this place.

Have your camera ready...

You will immediately see a giant mix of Tropical birds Prancing, Posing, and showing off.. Then of course when your too close to the ones that seem to hang out right by the road.. they fly off and you can get some good flight video..

I went on to hike 2 of the trails but visited this spot 3 times.. a highlight was several giant Blue herons which flew by and landed in a tree.  on another occasion some bird by Road the was doing some what I would call a crazy kinda mating dance... or he was just rocking out

Great place...

Instagram - travelsandre
YouTube - trailer Mountain bike and hiking boots with Andre

Orange trail shares .34 mile with the main trail (White), which is a easy rock access trail for service trucks. Orange trail (to the left) off the main section is out and back with a lollypop style loop at the end(s).

With the many types of grasses, it reminds me of Jurassic Park moive!!! No there are no Raptors in the grass!!

Parking for 12-14 cars, no on site paper maps BUT the kiosh has a map. First .3/.4 mile is a easy rock access road for service trucks. Most of the non-native plants has been removed so you see FLORIDA.

Hoping for some GREAT natural photo ops of Florida, NOT disappointed!! Just after entering Preserve you see water both sides with bird wildlife, was able to get photos of a Roseatta Spoonbill.

Just as the rock section ends there is a large pond/lake for MORE water wildlife. Trail does change to sandy surface at show many animal tracks.

Trail changes again about half way, to truck trail through grasses of many types. The last 100 foot is very primitive just before you step out and onto a slat/marsh flat!!!

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