This is a great trail. Just be sure to bring bug spray lest you be eaten alive by mosquitos!

Great walking for either morning or afternoon refreshment!!

Nice trail, be careful, parts have trees blocking trail

Great trail right outside of G-ville. it's well-kept enough to trail run, and it's not uncommon to see bikers on the trail. There is a small area where you can see a pond, and a stream that the trail parallels for various portions of the trail. I'll be back for trail runs.

This is a fun trail, you guys! Very pretty greenery all over the place, there’s also a pond (watch out for gators!) and a creek that were very pleasant additions to the scenery. It’s well shaded, so it would be do-able in the summer time when it gets to be stupid hot outside. There’s also a free-to-use sunscreen dispenser at the trailhead that I thought was pretty slick.

They made some really nice improvements to this trail. One of my favorite in Gainesville. Enough to be challenging and fun. Downhill speed by marker 6 on top of hill is sweet!

Great little trial in town. Grab a map if you've never been, there are lots of side trails.

Really great bird and critter watching. Makes for a nice relaxing evening walk.

Friday, September 05, 2014

We only stayed a few minutes on this trail as we were visiting a family member at the VA Hospital in Gainesville. But the Boulware Springs Trail is on my list for a return and a more extensive walk. There was easy access for parking, and a nice clear stream running a long the trail.
Can't say anymore unfortunately, but I hope to update this later.

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