The lake and the history on dugout canoes are both more than worth the hike.

This is a relatively new trail (one year old) that leads from SR 26 to the east shore of Newnans Lake (or Lake Pithlachocco as the native Americans called it). There is a 2.5 mile hiking trail and 5.5 mile mountain bike trail. The trails cross each other often but, in most cases, it is clear which is which. In one case, near a muddy bend, the hiking trail (orange) appears to disappear and one ends up on the bike trail (blue). In reality, both trails merge at this point until the lake. Initially, the land is a mix of pine forest and overgrown cattle pasture but larger oaks and cypress predominate near the lake.

Most of the trail is easy to hike - there were only two muddy spots.

Overall, this was one of the most enjoyable hikes we have taken in the Gainesville area.