Pretty interesting. Nice wide trail.

horseback riding
4 months ago

with all the new fire trails its easy to get turned around oh and the fallen trees but was a good ride down to the river.i give it a thumbs up

Love the wildlife...deer, turkey, wild hogs and birds of every kind! Trails are fairly flat and marked well.

mountain biking
6 months ago

I really liked the wide open trails and very quiet. We only passed by one other person.

mountain biking
7 months ago

Nice trail.

This is definitely a good long walk if you're in it for the mileage, but there's not a lot to look at. We did 10 miles of these trails and the highlight was hiking out to the campsites and eating lunch by the river. Everything else is just burn zones and pine trees with a few open fields mixed in. There's also not a lot of shade to be found so make sure to wear sun screen and a hat if you go when it's sunny.

The boardwalk is also closed right now due to potential damage from Hurricane Matthew which happened months ago, but I guess they haven't had a chance to go back out and inspect it. That was disappointing because that was part of the reason I wanted to do this trail, and they didn't mention any trail closures on their website either :\

I love this trail...of course it's for walking! It's beautiful to be out in nature and see nothing but trees...the scenery changes depending on your route. it's hard to find long trails near Jax. I've done this twice both times for over 2 hours. Highly recommend!