mountain biking
2 months ago

easy to mountail buke kinda sad rhe boardwalk to lake Jessup is closed. Would love to see it open and be able to do gull trail.

due to consrruction no path past ronald regan but can get on the foot path over the road. Fun and technical there are timea where you can choose easy or more difficult trail. 5 star if path opens fully back up.

I love walking this little trail. Unfortunately a few of the boardwalks are closed right now due to storms but it is in the works of them being redone. By next year, hopefully this will be back to an amazing trail and boardwalk. Not bad for riding a bike too.

mountain biking
9 months ago

I took my dog hiking here today. Nice loop trail following a creek for half of it. Some boardwalks were closed. Nice afternoon hike.

mountain biking
10 months ago

I went here because Soldier Creek across the street was inaccessible due to construction. This trail is ok for people riding on a mountain bike for the first few times. Other than that, it's not challenging at all and it doesn't provide any obstacles. This is more of a hiking trail. It is very relaxing though.

Be prepared to get wet. The boardwalks are still closed. Lots of signs are missing.

Today was our 2nd hike on this trail we all agree this is a fun family hike.

Walked the trail for first time and really enjoyed it. The bike trail was fun to walk thru with my kids as we really enjoy nature.