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fun, wicked crazy workout!!

I’d avoid section 4 as it runs against i75.

28 days ago

Beautiful little trail! The forest is lovely, especially in the spring. The only negative is the noise from the highway, but it’s not that loud.

Blue trail closed. Noise pollution from surrounding roadways. nice forest though.

Great day stroll trail only one small change in elevation.

2 months ago

Very relaxing. There’s a lot of ponds/sinkholes that are nice to look at.

2 months ago

Currently flooded at the one mile mark.

My husband and I took our two year old out for a family hike. With the Kiddo in a carry backpack, we really enjoyed this hike! A little wet as is just rained this morning , but not enough to soak our shoes! Some hills, but no creeks or anything spectacular to look at.
We still had a great time!

First time on this trail on a pristine beautiful weekday morning with my dog. Beautiful with lots of birds singing, lots of squirrels playing everywhere. Trail itself was fantastic except a little muddy on the western side of the loop. Had to take a little detour around one spot. Exceeded expectations and look forward to further adventures to come!

my favorite trail in central florida...lots of miles, nice straight runs, lots of twists, plenty of wildlife, well marked, great facilities with bike station, restrooms, shower, benches, water.... i love it

beware of bicyclists most have no clue of how to behave around horses . the trail design is constantly crossing horses and bikes . like most things in alachua county , it looks good on paper , but the function sucks

Wonderful place to run
Easy trails, can do with kids
No single track
Dog friendly

11 months ago

One of my favorite trails in Gainesville. Stays pretty well maintained. Make sure you get a map because it can get a little confusing without one. Great hammock cover the whole time. Big parking lot but it fills up pretty much every weekend. Lots of groups who do trail running here/use it as a starting point for long distance biking. If you want to go there alone, go on a week day.

Good slow walk. Does get pretty sandy in areas. Not always under cover, but that provides good change in scenery. Trails are very wide in some sections. Definitely hit the other side of sand felasco more often than this side

Can get sandy in some areas. Some spots are under cover, some are open. Trail is very wide

Lovely. Trails are nice and wide and the habitats vary. Doesn't flood out much. It starts off shaded by Oaks and eventually opens up into natural pines and sunshine. Blue trail still closed as of April 15th.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE! went here for an earth day hike and it was amazing! beautiful scenery and not too challenging, good amount of people jogging and hiking and the trails are marked very clearly so u never feel lost. another nice thing is the different trails are all connected so u can really choose an ideal length trail by turning certain ways on different trails, definitely gonna go again (:

Hiked a combination of Yellow and Green trails due to Blue being temporarily closed to rid the area of Southern Pine Beetle outbreak.
Small hills and change of terrain was nice.

Probably great if you just want to walk for 3 hours.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Good for bikes and horses. Much of the trail is sandy and passes among flat stands of pines, but botanists will appreciate the subtle changes, especially in comparison with the nearby Devil’s Millhopper scenery.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

My favorite short trail in Gainesville. Well maintained, beautiful changes in scenery (sinkholes, creeks, different types of vegetation as altitude changes around the water), quiet, and good for runners, walkers, dogs, etc.

Nice trails. The trails have been cleared of any debris from the hurricane. Plenty of trails to vary your route.

Great hike, but very tore up from the hurricane. Rough hiking.

I do eight mile hikes here at least once a week and I love it. North side trails are nice and wide and the habitats change up often so it's never dull. A great place to see deer, tortoises, armadillos, a plethora of birds, insects and now even coyote.
It's dog friendly and just a great hike!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

This park provides an excellent hiking trail for a short stroll through typical north Florida woodland. Peaceful, with very few people. Lots of sinkholes and other interesting natural features to see.

Nice trails

Thursday, February 02, 2017

The biker riders were rude and not considerate of hikers, they felt it was their trail.

horseback riding
Saturday, December 10, 2016

This is my favorite trail in Florida.

Hot. Not much to see. But, hey, it's Florida. Good luck finding a great trail anywhere in the whole state.

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