This preserve has one of the few remaining mature forests in Florida. The limestone outcrops and extreme changes in elevation provide ideal conditions for many species of hardwood trees, including several champion trees. Bobcats, white-tailed deer, gray foxes, turkeys, and many species of songbirds make their homes in the 18 natural communities found in the preserve. The park offers outdoor adventure to hikers, off-road bicyclists, horseback riders, and nature lovers. To ensure solitude and quiet for a true wilderness experience, the southern two-thirds of the park is designated for hiking only. The northern third of the park has horse trails, off-road cycling, and hiking. Equestrians must carry proof of a negative Coggins test. The hiking trailhead is located four miles northwest of Gainesville on State Road 232. The horseback and bicycle trailheads are located off U.S. 441 just south of Alachua.

This park provides an excellent hiking trail for a short stroll through typical north Florida woodland. Peaceful, with very few people. Lots of sinkholes and other interesting natural features to see.

Nice trails

trail running
4 days ago

The biker riders were rude and not considerate of hikers, they felt it was their trail.

horseback riding
3 months ago

This is my favorite trail in Florida.

Hot. Not much to see. But, hey, it's Florida. Good luck finding a great trail anywhere in the whole state.

Beautiful walk

Check for ticks after! Very nice trail through woods. There are some moderate hills. There are a few trails in the San Felasco Park. Off of 53rd (Millhopper Road) Avenue there is a trail north and south of 53rd. There is another access for off-road biking and horseback of 441 (North). Both are excellent trails.

Only went on one trail but it was a good hike and the swampy land was beautiful. I recommend this trail.

mountain biking
1 year ago

There are over 50 miles of single track trails here at San Felasco Hammock and though they are used mainly for horseback riding & mt biking, they are great for hiking. Just yield to bikers. Weekdays are best to avoid mt bike traffic. I believe the trails here are some of the finest in the State. And if you're a mt biker, you will love this place.