I'm very new to hiking and I've been dying to try an unpaved trail. my dogs and I loved this trail. A few times I was worried we had taken a wrong turn as the trail got a little narrow and we had to cross a few ditches but there were markers every so often that put my mind at ease. There's a beautiful view of the river as you come toward the end of the hike and it's a great place to catch your breath. It did seem like longer than a mile to me but I guess that's because of the terrain. I look forward to working up to longer hikes on rough terrain.

Surprize trail!!!! Not opened up to allow truck on to maintain! You have to duck plants as you hike, PRIMATIVE >> AND that makes for a GREAT hike!! Has a nice well built dock for a good river view. I-75 noise was a bit much BUT the wind was from the south-west. This is 1 of 20 trails that are part of 2018 Hiking Spree in Hillsbough County FL

This is nice little walk. I wish we’d had a little more time, we would have done circuit twice. Saw no one else. Well marked two foot wide dirt trail. Get your boots dirty if it is low tide wandering the flats of the River.

Was. Nice short hike. Walked the dogs here, some parts on the trail were a little overgrown but we didn’t mind to much :)