good trail

cool, local trail. lots of coral/rocks to ride on/ shade..but fun. great for beginners...rode it recently after a lot of rain and it was a blast!

road biking
2 years ago

mountain biking
2 years ago

Ok this place use to be a real find before the last few hurricanes several years ago . At that point the powers to be decided to clear almost every plant and tree SAD ! It used to be like a jungle quite challenging g and definitely fun
However now it's very uneventful but at least it's a place to get off the road
So so

3 years ago

Very fun track for the location, good endurance track, not to many climbs or jumps but def a good track

It is nice but there is absolutely no shade so bring plenty of liquids

this is basically a beginners and some what intermedium trails. Good for a fast ride and cardio work out. I live in miami and i would not drive there more than once to ride. Definitely, a good park for the people around but not good enough to drive the extra millage to ride those trails.

By the way no shade at all during the 7 miles of tracks.

It's a awesome trail is open year round it has some difficult spots I only been riding for 6 months and it has been a great trail for me to gain some skills.

No shade, and typically very hard, rocky, loose rock course. Quick ups and downs and tight turns prevent a good flow without really being enjoyable. Hard rocky course would make a crash pretty rough.

Quiet Waters is where I do most of my weekly ridding. In comparison to markham it's sandy, hot and very loose terrain, but it's the best place around to learn cornering technics and to gain endurance. If you are a beginner or looking to get a good cardio workout while getting a tan ( no tree cover) this is where it's at.

Trails have been completely rebuilt from the old Quietwaters. There is now more elevation that before but no more roots. The trails have little as in very little tree cover but are now open to breezes coming off the lakes. The trails are fast anne tight and twisty in areas too mostly on rocky hardpack with some sandy areas. Look for elevated wood and rock sections to keep you above the mud and sand.

This used to be good at one time until they clear cut almost the entire area. I think they did it to get rid of a lot of the invasive trees and that pretty much was all she wrote for MTB Biking