1 month ago

Great Hike - I took the white trail from the Witness Tree entrance. This trail goes through a pine plantation and past some wetlands. There are 3 boardwarks. I went past where the white trail crosses the yellow trail (more like a forest or farm road) until coming to the orange trail. By this point, the forest changes to hardwoods. One turns left down to Prairie Creek but I turned right. The orange trail here runs along an old logging tram. I walked to the other entrance of the park and then backpedaled a few steps to the yellow trail (i.e., the farm or forest road). I took this back to the white trail, turned left and walked back to my car - 2.9 miles total.

The white trail and portions of the yellow trail can be hot - there is not shade everywhere but the experience is a wonderful one. The trail is often grass-covered and easy to walk. I only passed one group - two bikers - and the hike otherwise was solitary and beautiful.