24 days ago

This trail is pretty great. After about .5 miles you can't hear the cars anymore, which was a big concern for me stating off. I took the full loop, which was nice, but the main draw is the boardwalk towards the end. For about 100 yards you'll surrounded by swamp and cypress trees. It's magic. If you go further down to the end you see Prairie Creek which is really neat. There's a lot of down trees throughout the last bit of the hike so it's easy to lose the trail. I spent some time exploring the floodplain and the creek.

The only time I saw anyone was the 3 kayakers who were heading down the creek. They had no clue there was a hiking trail back there, which I think is the common understanding. No one I know has been there and I'm sure why. It's a pretty easy hike and I can't tell you enough how amazing that last board walk is.

It’s normally a great hike, but since the hurricane there is a lot of debris on the trail and hogs have tore up some areas. Hike carefully.

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9 months ago

pretty good trail for Florida. Goes through several ecosystems. Some parts are very overgrown. Seems lately used and not many people come here. Lots of Wildlife: snakes, dear, rabbits, and even saw a small alligator.

Saturday, November 05, 2016