The swimming area at Ochlockonee River is closed due to high bacteria counts. As soon as water conditions improve, the swimming area will be reopened. This jewel of a park is a great place to get away for a weekend or a weeklong vacation. Picnic facilities and a swimming area are located near the scenic point where the Ochlockonee and Dead rivers intersect. Ochlockonee, which means "yellow waters," is a mix of brackish, tidal surge, and fresh water. Pristine and deep, the river empties into the Gulf of Mexico. Trails allow visitors to explore the park and see the diverse wildlife, including the red-cockaded woodpecker, and natural communities such as pine flatwoods and oak thickets. A boat ramp provides easy access to the river. Both freshwater and saltwater fish inhabit the waters around the park, including largemouth bass, bream, catfish and speckled perch. For overnight visitors, there are full-facility campsites with access to restrooms and showers. Youth group camping is also available.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Loved the campground, very well kept and comfortable. There is a little hiking around the campground, along the river and through the pine forest. Very easy, short and flat hike. Best for families or to stretch your legs after kayaking/canoeing/boating the river system all day. Plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities, deer, snakes, white squirrels, etc.