kid friendly

Very nice, full of wildlife! Bears are frequent.

1 month ago

This was a nice scenic trail, but we didn't see the ruins anywhere. I think it may have been down an unmarked side trail :T Wish it had been marked, I would have liked to have seen that.

We also saw a snake that appeared to be a cottonmouth, so watch out for those too.

lots to do. lots of trails everywere. unfortunately couldn't do the spring it was after a hurricane so a lot of down trees in the path

Good walk, nicer at the end when you start seeing more vegatation. Several benches along the way. Pier is small but nice overlook. Very quiet and wildlife viewing is hit or miss. Take water durring the summer. This trail gets hot.

2 months ago

I want to begin by apologizing for underestimating Central Florida's section of the FNST. This Hike was B.E.A.utiful!
We did it (04.01.2017) from Alexander Springs to Clearwater. It was hot (89°F)! especially the sand scrub section (no canopy coverage). That didn't last too long, however, so it was still very pretty!
At the beginning it looks like everything else in Central Florida (I hike here a lot), then moves onto the sand scrub, to a more jungle like area (with a couple of boardwalks) to just forest. The canopy coverage does open and close from time to time, so the sun still gets to you. The most scenic part of it all was between FR69 to Clearwater trailhead. Didn't even look like Florida and had very obvious elevation changes (didn't expect that).
Definitely more than 11 miles and we didn't see any bear or deer, just an armadillo, a scorpion and the usual birds and insects. Watch out for ticks and mosquitos.
I'm more than likely going back to hike and camp on the trail. But I'll probably wait until after summer...yeesh!

Enjoyed this hike and all the historical points of interest along the way! I wish I had read the book The Yearling first.

Beautiful little 2 mile out and back. The last 1/4 mile is dense with palm trees and there was a small alligator just off the observation platform