While access from the Magnolia Park is still closed due to hurricane Erma, this trail is accessible using the Lust Road entrance starting at the old pump house. The trail is great for hiking and biking and was in good condition for both.

Start early as this is a great trail to see tons of wildlife. On 2/18/18 we hiked 9 miles total. We hiked 4.5 miles from the pump house to Magnolia Park and back spotting 30 Alligators a water snake and many varieties of birds. Don’t be surprised when some of the gators are basking in the sun right next to the trail.

There are a few shady spots but you will want to bring water, sun screen, and hat for protection from the sun. There are portable restrooms at the pump house but no more facilities until Magnolia Park.

We can’t wait to hike more of this trail North of the pump house on our next adventure.

We hiked part of this trail and enjoyed it a few times last year at Christmas. We thought we’d try it when visiting Florida again this year, but when we arrived, the gates were closed and the path was blocked by caution tape. I checked the web and found this message:

Lake Apopka Loop Trail remains CLOSED until further notice due to the affects of Hurricane Irma.

Here’s the website, in case you’d like to check the status again later:

road biking
4 months ago

The trail as listed here is incomplete, it actually runs all the way to Green Mountain Park in Lake County.

Love this trail for biking many alligators and wildlife..

trail running
7 months ago

Great trail! It's 7.9 one way made that mistake today and thought I was only running 7.9 miles turned into a longer day then I thought. Great trail a lot of wildlife, no shade at all so go in the morning or later in the day. I was out there today around noon not a good idea but all in all will do this one again.

Beautiful place, no doubt. I made the mistake of departing 2 hours before the park closed. It takes a good mile to really get into it. I'll definitely come earlier next time. But the path is great and the scenery around the impressive Lake Apopka is fantastic.

Definitely bring water as you are quite exposed to the sun! I gave it 4 stars only because it is an 'out and back' kind of hike which aren't my favorite. Great place for a bike ride though.

I didn't see any gators on the short hike (which is what I'm in it for) but plenty of evidence that they are there in abundance. I'll be back to this one!

7 months ago

Solid hike with flat limestone trail. Went at 8:30 am on an overcast day. Tons of birds; nesting gators bellowing on either side of the trail.

Payoff at the pump house/4 mile mark - pond with about 50 gators floating and waiting for their fish. Never seen anything like it. Awesome display of nature.

Bring water, wear sunscreen, stretch- the hike is on a hard pack and open to the sun and wind.

Great hike! Beautiful views! Spotted many gators! Definitely a great trail for bird watching.

mountain biking
10 months ago

Really well maintained gravel trail. This trail really goes out around 17.5 miles around the north side of Lake Apopka to Green Mountain overlook and trailhead. Mostly flat terrain and several spots to stop and take in all the wildlife. Beware of you take small kids. Lots of very large gators like to sun on the banks of the lake.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I hit this trail for the first time this AM. The parking is in the Magnolia Park, then a short walk along binion before you hit the actual trail. This is a great trail for a short day hike, biking and photography - I saw several gators, herons, egrets, several species of song and water birds. I saw raccoon, snake, turtle and otter tracks, but did not see the animal. Be sure to dress according to the weather as there are no shelters along the trail. There are RR in the trail head at Magnolia Park, and porto-potties where the trail intersects w/ the Wildlife Drive at the pump house.

trail running
9 months ago

Friday, November 23, 2012