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Good quick paddle from 419 to snow hill rd. About 3 hours taking your time. Quiet, wildlife, and easy to get to if you from the area or close to Ucf area.

Awesome hike.
Weather was perfect and it was really nice to be able to see the river while hiking.

22 days ago

What a beautiful trail! We hiked it for the first time today and had a wonderful time. The huge majority of it is shaded, which really helps keep the temperature down. We will definitely be back!

I really like this trail, but parts of it will be under water and impassable after lots of rain. Also, if you bring your dog here, make sure that you check them very well for ticks! My dog always has a few after coming here

This is always the best trail in Central Florida. I hike with my dogs in every direction and every trail. Thankfully it’s so close to my house and I can enjoy it everyday.

on Econ River Wilderness Area

1 month ago

Great park. Did the loop had a lot of shade which made it a comfortable walk at the beginning of September in Florida. Get there early or late afternoon because there isn’t much way for a breeze to get through foliage. There are parts of the trail that were muddy but only one part that we did not go through because there wasn’t a way around the wet mud. This trail was easy enough for me to tackle my third week of recovery from neck fusion surgery. Easy going not elevation changes.

Beautiful hike along the river. Trail was very well marked.

Beautiful trail , nice place for caping and painting .

I love this trail , I lived beside this trail for almost 15 years .

nice relaxing trail that is very easy to navigate. you will see animals and it runs right by the river.

has a little bit of everything. i love this trail

One of my favorite hiking places in Central Florida. So much to see out there. In the summer, you can graze on fox grapes, blackberries, high Bush blueberries and sparkle berries along the trails. Often see turkey, wild pigs, deer, bald eagles, and more on some of the less travelled trails. My daily hikes out there helped me lose 60 lbs in 6 months!

Our favorite Central Florida hike! We usually do the complete loop (the one bridge on the loop that's out and has been since Irma, can usually be walked around). The trail is currently completely flooded before the river bridge due to excessive rain the last few weeks. We'll wait a bit longer before coming back, but we will be once it dries out a bit.

In my opinion, this is the prettiest park for hiking in Central Florida. there are many trials, and you can pick trails that give you the distance you would like to hike. There's a lot of wildlife around and the views of the Econ River are sometimes stunning. During the summer, some of the trails can become flooded, restricting the amount of hiking you can do.

3 months ago

Great place to hike in and camp, lots of great sites and trees down to find for firewood, but none blocking the trails, very sandy and all natural trails. Sunset was fantastic with wildlife, lots of birds, some gators heard at night, but not seen in day. Folllows along the river most of the trails I've travelled, so very beautiful scenery. Very peaceful and quiet once away from the road sounds, which doesnt take long. No unsavory characters encountered on my trips, 5 so far. My only issue is the bridge to the flagler loop has been down since last year, still not yet fixed at my last trip in March, otherwise it's 5 stars. No facilities at the Barr Street trailhead, not sure about the other. Looking forward to coming again soon.

Geneva Wilderness Area is a very pretty area that is well-maintained with a variety of trails and habitats. Most of the trails take you through pine flatwoods, but you can also walk through bay swamp habitats. There are three ponds on the property, two of which can become completely dry during certain times of the year, and at other times they may flood some of the trails. When the trails are clear, you can walk to the Florida Trail and connect to all the destinations of the Little Big Econ SF. Since parking is free here, this is one of my favorite locations to walk the entire area.

Starting at the Jones trailhead allows a similar double loop with a touch more river and way less time on the rails to trails Flagler. It is entirely bicycle friendly which takes a bit of hiker solace out and adds in a big dose of twisty-turny especially on two bridges. The ditch is a must see and do especially for bikers but I find the river panoramas a more interesting hike.

Hurricane Irma took its toll. The Flagler bridge is closed and the canopy is not quite what it was. The footing is much sandier. But then nature is what it is and being out in it is always a joy.

3 months ago

a very pleasant loop trail showcasing river views and wildlife if going counterclockwise look for river otters, hawks, and the occasional snake or gator) on the way out with a live oak - palm hammock on the way back.

Loved this!!! Lots of water yesterday. I definitely want to return with my bike when it dries out some. On the snake train I was knee deep.... there was no other way except turning around. I watched two people come through it before I did.

4 months ago

Great hike! Wear waterproof shoes for the foreseeable future because a few areas were tough to pass without getting wet. We hiked from Barr to the bridge and it was a hot day but stayed shaded and not too hot.

4 months ago

Great hike. I did run into a few other hikers on the trail but it was not too crowded. The loop can't be completed still but it's still a good hike out. The trails were pretty well marked. I will be back to this one!

mountain biking
4 months ago

It’s beautiful here! The trails are amazing.

This is a beautiful trail ... but .... there are SO many different trails branching off with no trail markers ... and we got lost for 5 hours. It makes for good memories though ... but next time we probably wouldn’t get ambitious and keep taking trails that take us further away from the main area.

trail running
4 months ago

Did a quick 5k down the trail in mid-day, very shady, green, but since it has been raining a lot lately, many puddles along the way!

Love love love!

mountain biking
5 months ago

Fir over 15 years, I’ve enjoyed hiking and riding this trail network. By far, it’s one of the best small trails in the region.
However, there is a tree near Rybolt’s Reserve which is leaning on a powerline and has been since hurricane Irma. This is definitely a safety issue as it crosses a portion of the trail.

It's a great trail. Maintained and marked. it's a loop that breaks up into 2 different loops. They both return you back to camp. You can camp out if desired. Great scenery and not heavily trafficked.

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