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3 days ago

Big bridges are still out because of Irma, so you can't complete the loop as noted in earlier reviews, but it "stops" at a beautiful flower-filled meadow where the two large bridges are. We even saw a bald eagle hunting. Good for kids (My children and I went out and back in under three hours, but we also literally stopped to smell the roses) and adults that desire the solitude of nature without an entire day of commitment.

I have very mixed feelings of this trail. The majority of it was closed off due to the boardwalk being under construction, so I only got to hike about a quarter mile. HOWEVER, in that short time span I saw both an armadillo and an otter so it was definitely worth the visit. I’ll go back in about two weeks to try and do the whole thing. Definitely worth looking into.

29 days ago

Beautiful "Old Florida" trail following the Econlockhathee River. Follow the "Orange" markers. Until they get the Econ bridges fixed this hike is not a loop. The bridges are out due to hurricane Emma. It is still a 5.2 mile hike just going out and back following the river to where the Flagler trail junctions. Easy trail suitable for all.

Cute tiny bridges and beautiful views, adored it!

1 month ago

Did this "loop" today. hike was great but maps were not. kiosk does not list as a loop. I followed the single orange blaze. there is no legend and I had to just wing it. I do have a tracking app on my phone to map my hike but it only tracks where I've been. I had to stop and reference it a few times. ultimately did a loop and some out and back in linear trails for a total of 4.83 miles. would have really felt alot better if maps and trails had been marked accurately

1 month ago

2 months ago

One of our favorite trails! Mostly shaded, with lots of mini-trails that lead to the water and countless sandbars to rest along the river. Can be moderately crowded on a nice weekend, but never really an issue. Our dogs love this trail!

Long and lots of turns ! Watch the map!

love the river part

3 months ago

The bridge was out to switch trails but we went around since the water level was low. It was a beautiful hike by the river. We came across what looked like a bus stop in the middle of nowhere so stopped for our lunch there. We saw other people along the trail but it never felt crowded.

Nice trail!!!

4 months ago

Recently completed this 4.7 mile loop trail. I'm working on my first "Trailwalker" patch through the Florida State Forest Trailwalker Program, and this trail is on the designated trail list. it's a beautiful loop, made up of 4 different trails in all. you start on the "Barr Street Trail", turn left on the Florida Trail, Left again on the "white trail", right on "Flagler Trail", Then right on the "Florida Trail" and follow it back to the "Barr Street Trail". I have a Blog documenting my progress and explaining the trails I hike at www.floridatrailblazing.com . There is a description with pictures of the Kolokee Trail under the completed trails menu. Stay safe, and happy hiking!

5 months ago

Really nice hike. The river scenary was great. Trail was well marked and easy to complete. Will definitely revisit this trail. This is my first trail for the Florida Trailwalker Program.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Great trail for all level of riders, with some great scenery and wildlife. For a 360 video of a portion of the trail, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDoUv27_BVg&feature=share

6 months ago

Didn't make it all the way to the landing strip as much of the trail adjacent to the river was flooded from Hurricane Irma, but definitely going back when the water level recedes a bit. Very easy to navigate, and saw some deer at night while heading back.

A beautiful trail to Hike. Parts of the trail were flooded after Hurricane Irma, but was still passable. We went during the middle of the day so we did not get to see much wildlife, but we were lucky enough to see a Red Tail Hawk, a 5' Alligator and a Pigmy Rattlesnake on the trail. Although there is limited parking at the Trail Head, the Trail seemed to be heavily traveled by other hikers. This trail is relatively close to my house so I will be going back to hike it again.

The trails were fairly well marked, and the route featured a lot of shade and beautiful oak trees. My only suggestion is not to hike this trail during rainy season, as we were not able to complete the loop due to the river covering the trail. We had to turn around and go back the way we had come.

great trail tgat follows the econ river

A beautiful trail. Their were a few dear on the trail. However the trails are hard to follow in the pine rock area. I lost the trail for about 15 min. It's very open on the back of the trail so bring extra water and go in the morning or evening.

Awesome! Lots of little off trails. Technical and challenging! Quite a few nice surprises mixed in!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Also known as Barr St. trailhead on Google maps, this loop (if you want to consider it just one trail) is great! There is a $2/person fee but, I didn't see too many people pay for it.
There are multiple trails; white, blue connector (from Geneva Wilderness Area) and Orange (Florida Trail). The loop itself is 5.2 miles long but each trail extends a little further out.
We did the extended white trail (additional 2 miles), joined the little trail by the river, onto an equestrian trail and continued down the orange Florida trail by the big bridges - roughly 9 miles.
It is very well marked with lat/long coordinates and we saw a rattle snake, armadillo, possum and gators, with birds of course.
Kayaking the Econlockhatchee river on the next visit!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Really beautiful trail located in the NE portion of Florida. I really enjoyed this trail the most due to its changes in elevation and close proximity to the river. The trail provides great opportunities for shade and resting throughout. Highly recommend this trail for anyone looking to adventure into new terrain, but be warned it can be a little challenging to those who have never hiked before! Also, the trail was well kept and maintained which allowed for easy access.

Monday, February 06, 2017

beautiful trail, nice and shaded, goes to the river, great for dogs!

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Enjoyable walk! Pretty flat, but nice area

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Short, easy, flat

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Perfect trail for a quick evening hike. I don't think I'd enjoy this trail in the middle of the day as it wasn't shaded most of the time.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Great default trail, easy terrain, some decent scenic views of river.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A great trail for beginners. I take my friends who have never been hiking before here.

You frequently see other people here, particularly UCF students.

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