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It's a great trail. Maintained and marked. it's a loop that breaks up into 2 different loops. They both return you back to camp. You can camp out if desired. Great scenery and not heavily trafficked.

Big bridges are still out because of Irma, so you can't complete the loop as noted in earlier reviews, but it "stops" at a beautiful flower-filled meadow where the two large bridges are. We even saw a bald eagle hunting. Good for kids (My children and I went out and back in under three hours, but we also literally stopped to smell the roses) and adults that desire the solitude of nature without an entire day of commitment.

I have very mixed feelings of this trail. The majority of it was closed off due to the boardwalk being under construction, so I only got to hike about a quarter mile. HOWEVER, in that short time span I saw both an armadillo and an otter so it was definitely worth the visit. I’ll go back in about two weeks to try and do the whole thing. Definitely worth looking into.

Trail was pretty flat and very sandy in parts. This area hasn't had a good rain so the running is slow going through the sugar sand. No wildlife anywhere unfortunately. Finding the orange blaze was difficult at first but once on the trail was easy to follow. Good marking for the white and blue trail as well. Only saw 5 people while running around 10am on a Monday. Want to make note that the trail maintenance team does an incredible job as this trail is clean and well maintained. Great job!

If you like the adventure, this is the right place to explore the trails, is quiet and you can see lots of turtles in the rute. Better to go when is good weather because there isn't shelter. No restrooms. Free parking. Pet friendly. Great for hiking, bicycling and horseback riding.

26 days ago

Beautiful "Old Florida" trail following the Econlockhathee River. Follow the "Orange" markers. Until they get the Econ bridges fixed this hike is not a loop. The bridges are out due to hurricane Emma. It is still a 5.2 mile hike just going out and back following the river to where the Flagler trail junctions. Easy trail suitable for all.

I went hiking here with a friend today and we both loved it so much that we are already planning our next trip back!

If you follow the trails closest to the river, the air is fresh and clean, and everything feels moist and alive! Once you get to the part of the trails that overlooks the river, there are some really great views to be had!

I would rate these trails as moderate, and definitely not for anyone disabled, the very young, or the elderly.

The website says there are about 10 miles of trails, so there's definitely plenty of room to explore if you're hiking, and also a fun amount of trail if you're biking.

The trails wind around and intersect each other a lot, so I would definitely recommend bringing your smart phone and using the AllTrails app or Google Maps. Without those, we would've definitely gotten lost.

For info about where to park, this website explains everything very thoroughly:


1 month ago

Awesome trail for short or long hikes. I like to find a place and hang a hammock for a few hours then hike back. The river has great swimming holes and sand bars for cooling off.

Cute tiny bridges and beautiful views, adored it!

1 month ago

Did this "loop" today. hike was great but maps were not. kiosk does not list as a loop. I followed the single orange blaze. there is no legend and I had to just wing it. I do have a tracking app on my phone to map my hike but it only tracks where I've been. I had to stop and reference it a few times. ultimately did a loop and some out and back in linear trails for a total of 4.83 miles. would have really felt alot better if maps and trails had been marked accurately

1 month ago

1 month ago

one of my favorite places in Florida along the Florida Trail

2 months ago

One of our favorite trails! Mostly shaded, with lots of mini-trails that lead to the water and countless sandbars to rest along the river. Can be moderately crowded on a nice weekend, but never really an issue. Our dogs love this trail!

Nice stroll through the little big Econ, great wildlife, not a busy trail. Had fun

Long and lots of turns ! Watch the map!

love the river part

3 months ago

The bridge was out to switch trails but we went around since the water level was low. It was a beautiful hike by the river. We came across what looked like a bus stop in the middle of nowhere so stopped for our lunch there. We saw other people along the trail but it never felt crowded.

Nice trail!!!

Great for trail running! Challenging for experienced trail runners, but fun!

A beautiful day on the trail.

Great hike

As described.

4 months ago

When on a 10 miles hike through an area of the park. Some sections were close due to flood damaged. Bring drinking water since none is available. I went with a group of scouts from Troop 43 in Tavares who are working in their Hiking Merit Badge. Watch for bicyclists since you’re sharing the trails with them. That section of the park has three parking areas but the only on for free is the hikers one. The courtesy parking fee is $2.00 to be use in the maintenance of the trails. There is a coed bathroom in the bicycle parking area.

Great trail with lots to see! Went with my friend and encountered a few gators sunbathing, a snake under one of the small bridges, turtles and people on horseback! We were very pleased with how beautiful the scenery was. Definitely want to plan a trip back again soon! Love how the map shows you exactly where you are too. Next time we will record our route! Didn't even know that was an option

Recently completed this 4.7 mile loop trail. I'm working on my first "Trailwalker" patch through the Florida State Forest Trailwalker Program, and this trail is on the designated trail list. it's a beautiful loop, made up of 4 different trails in all. you start on the "Barr Street Trail", turn left on the Florida Trail, Left again on the "white trail", right on "Flagler Trail", Then right on the "Florida Trail" and follow it back to the "Barr Street Trail". I have a Blog documenting my progress and explaining the trails I hike at www.floridatrailblazing.com . There is a description with pictures of the Kolokee Trail under the completed trails menu. Stay safe, and happy hiking!

Not for bike.

5 months ago

Really nice hike. The river scenary was great. Trail was well marked and easy to complete. Will definitely revisit this trail. This is my first trail for the Florida Trailwalker Program.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Great trail for all level of riders, with some great scenery and wildlife. For a 360 video of a portion of the trail, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDoUv27_BVg&feature=share

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