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Also known as Barr St. trailhead on Google maps, this loop (if you want to consider it just one trail) is great! There is a $2/person fee but, I didn't see too many people pay for it.
There are multiple trails; white, blue connector (from Geneva Wilderness Area) and Orange (Florida Trail). The loop itself is 5.2 miles long but each trail extends a little further out.
We did the extended white trail (additional 2 miles), joined the little trail by the river, onto an equestrian trail and continued down the orange Florida trail by the big bridges - roughly 9 miles.
It is very well marked with lat/long coordinates and we saw a rattle snake, armadillo, possum and gators, with birds of course.
Kayaking the Econlockhatchee river on the next visit!

mountain biking
24 days ago

28 days ago

Really beautiful trail located in the NE portion of Florida. I really enjoyed this trail the most due to its changes in elevation and close proximity to the river. The trail provides great opportunities for shade and resting throughout. Highly recommend this trail for anyone looking to adventure into new terrain, but be warned it can be a little challenging to those who have never hiked before! Also, the trail was well kept and maintained which allowed for easy access.

beautiful trail, nice and shaded, goes to the river, great for dogs!

Enjoyable walk! Pretty flat, but nice area

Loved it! Very dog friendly! Will be going back to check out more of the trails soon!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Absolutely incredible trails and scenery. After my first trip there earlier today all I can think about is going back. Well marked trails and surprisingly friendly people made it easy to navigate from the Jones trailhead to numerous exciting but not too challenging trails. It looked like there were also opportunities for kayaking and other activities. Overall that's about as good as it gets so don't pass this place up!

Short, easy, flat

mountain biking
2 months ago

If you're mountain biking, Snow Hill is the place to go. Mtn biking is not allowed on the other hiking trails in Little Big Econ forest. Snow Hill = Jones East Tail Head. From this trailhead you can access at least 6 legs of mtn bike trails with varying skill levels: Two Bridges, Ditch of Doom, Outback Loop, River Trail, Snake Trail, Yahoo. (See photos where I posted the trail map.) Very fun, pretty scenery that takes you through swamp, marsh, river, creek, forest, and palmettos. I wore myself out playing on this trail, good for solo and group rides.