8 months ago

Great for an evening stroll. Very dog friendly, including water fountains that are dog accessible. Always busy but usually available parking.

trail running
2 years ago

Safe area and beautiful view (other than 408 bridge). I love the fitness equipment.

It's a busy park. It is safe, but people can watch you do things like leave your purse in your trunk.

Nice park close to my house so very convenient some people need to clean up after there dogs but besides that I will be coming back I run to see the sunrise one day at this park

Great little walk around half of lake Conway. And it has workout stations for those that might want to do that.

Stay away from this area! I was walking with a friend at 12:00pm in the afternoon. When we looped around and got close to the parking lot we noticed people standing by their cars! My car was broken into and my purse stolen along with 5 other women! The police were called...police reports taken, and the incident made its way to a local reporter who confirmed a lot of break ins in the past several weeks.. So if you walk here please be aware.

Very small but very scenic park with a view of Lake Underhill and the 408 East-West expressway bridge over the lake. Come at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the view along the paved pathway. The parking lot has a boat ramp and a dock that fisherman and jet skiers use. No hiking; only a level-ground paved path. Biking, skating, dogs ok.

trail running
3 years ago

It's nice quite & wasn't anyone else for the most part. Enjoyed scaring the birds but all in all maybe the AM is not the most entertaining time to come. But best time to be alone.

Went here once before I discovered this site. Nice paved walk ways. Like Warren Park along the walk ways are areas to work out. Due to the wear patterns they get used a lot.

When I went it was during the day and very busy. Traffic out there is horrible. Don't go around rush hours.