It was a beautiful trail; even saw a few deer. There where a lot of spiders in the middle of the trail and it was longer than we thought. Bring some bug spray because there are a lot of bugs, including ticks. (The people in front of us where pulling off a lot of ticks)

loved it (Central trail). Sooo many mosquitoes however! Make sure you check for ticks when you leave too, we found 2 on us (2 people) and 4 on our dog. Excellent place and adventure nonetheless. One of the down falls was the confusion with the trail markers. They were very inconsistent. We usually see them on the right side but on this particular trail they were on the left at some points and on the right at other points. Some spots lacked markers as well. Moderate to advanced trail.

A very pleasant walk, lots of deer.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Great trail. I walked the eastern trail in the morning while it was still a little cool. The bugs weren't too bad but i imagine they could get pretty bad on a hotter day. The trail was well marked and there were some good views of the lake