Came here on a Wed. There were 2 other cars in the lot but we didn't see any other people while hiking. Let me first say that the red trail + dogs = gator bait, does it not? Floridians would know to stay alert but visitors from other states may not realize. Even though it's very dry this week and the lake level is not at all high, it still made me nervous not being able to see past the tall weeds on the lake side of the trail. Luckily, there are multiple places where you can walk away from the lake through the woods to meet up with either the blue or green trails. These provide a lovely hike through the woods and makes for a nice relaxing day. There are places where these trails run along a fence parallel with the road but there are places where the trails cross and you can meander in and out of the woods as you prefer without getting lost. The trails are marked often and are of medium width. Not quite wide enough for a 4 wheel vehicle but you're also not pushing tree branches out of your way to get through either. Overall a nice experience. I would go back as this trail is close to home.