Trail was nice in the beginning. Not well marked and hard to follow. Actually lost the trail toward the end. Glad for GPS.

Total garbage still closed because of the hurricane. Get it together people.

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11 months ago

I went jogging here when I was staying with a friend in St. Cloud. It was quite pretty. Lots of bees dive-bombing my ears though. Also, I would suggest hiking and not jogging as the terrain is not even.

Monday, January 30, 2017

did this with the kids

mountain biking
Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We "bikehiked" this - we had our hybrid bikes and started from the Bass road trail head. Some sections are easy hard packed roads and other sections are deep sugar sand for about 50 yards so we would have to get off of our bikes and hike.

The marsh loop trail is doable on a hybrid bike, some sections of board walk and some sections hard packed trail. Mostly in the shade with good signs. We did not go to the trail head but came from the Lake lizzie trail and went back via the powerlines - which was a much easier shortcut on the way back to the north entrance.

Sections of the lake lizzy trail have the deep sugar sand. some sections are shady and some hot and open.

If you do the North trail loop make sure you have good maps as that section has many extra spur trails and poor signage. Gaia gps has some good routes.

mountain biking
Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We lovingly call this one the "bikehike" because we had our hybrid bikes and it was way to much for them so we often had to get off and walk through the thick sugar sand.
The north parking area is large, grass, a sheriff caretaker lives there, and has a kiosk with a trail map.

Fortunately I had also downloaded a Gaia gps map and followed someone else's route - or we would have Never found the trail.

Where the north trail loop splits, if you try to go right - its completely overgrown and many branches down. No worries though if you stay straight at that split that path seemed more used.

Some sections of trail are shady and others are in the wide open with the sugar sand and very hot. It is pretty down by the lake. There is one road that is used for maintenance of the pavilion area by the lake and that was an easy ride. We also took the lake lizzy trial over to the Marsh loop. On the way back we just went along the powerlines - which was a much faster and easier way back.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Was ok, but is not well signposted

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