Not accessible, went to take the dogs for a hike and both gates were closed & locked (one at parking area & one at back of small field in front of parking area). No signs or markings indicating trail.

It's still closed from the hurricane as of 1/28/18

Hiked it with all of my children at many different ages! Great trail for everyone. The payoff of the lookout tower makes it a great reward for the kids hard work walking!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

nice place too take the kids they would like it, also if ya'll love to hike, birdwatch or going scenic walking there's lots of wildlife. also take some water. in the month of may the flowers bloom yellow.

nice place too go with the family take the kids they will love it. if you like hiking, birdwatching or scenic walking ya'll love it. there's lots of wildlife too see.

Monday, October 12, 2015

I hiked through here on a birding field trip during the Space Coast Birding festival. We went through one area of lovely moss-covered trees and then into a great open clearing. Some of the birds we saw included: Wood Stork, Anhinga, Palm Warbler, both White and Glossy Ibis, Wilson's Snipe, Limpkin, Loggerhead Shrike, a Bald Eagle, and more...

Nice hike. Watch out for the wild pigs cause there are many big boars. It also has cattle. I walk here once a week at least. Love the wild life

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Sunday, June 02, 2013