way too sandy not good for trail jogging. I didn't find it very scenic either. I did a 2 mile loop with my dog.

Nice winter afternoon spot but alas another florida sand slog

trail running
11 months ago

Parts of this orange trail that overlap the blue horse route are very sandy. When you get more in the forest toward Black Creek, many areas of the trail are completely covered in water. Small paths through the woods are easily found to circumvent most of those spots. (Was one week past heavy rains when I went.)
Overall, peaceful and lovely.

not very scenic, our guide got lost twice on the blue trail, very sandy terrain, but I enjoyed it as I am new to hiking & trying to build up my hiking leg muscles.

Not for anyone seeking a great variety of foliage. Driving on the sandy road to the entrance is perilous, at best. Black Creek was the best part, just off the camping area. The group was lucky enough to spot an otter running across our path.

3 years ago

Love walking this trail! It's very quiet and remote. Gotta watch out for ticks and sand spurs though.

Nice easy trail. There were lots of sand spurs.

Very quiet, very serene. But be careful because some maps give you the impression that it's a loop trail. There are actually many smaller paths and trails and it's very easy to go down the wrong one. I got lost (first time ever) and managed to find my way out, although I ended up half a mile down the road.

Quiet and beautiful! Some trails are poorly marked, I make sure to bring a map with me :)

There us a primitive camping site about half way out the trail that can also be accessed buy canoe or kayak.