road biking
2 years ago

I hiked a good section of this trail 8 miles during a 3 hour day hike.
First off you can enter the reserve off of SW Kanner highway. My iphone gps pointed towards two access points off the beeline highway, but this was not accurate. ( i suspect these are warden gates). anyway there are 5 official gates that lead into the area off the kanner highway, i suggest you enter through gate 1 and pickup a visitors info brochure with a rough map of the area to assist you in selecting a path to hike or locating the correct trail. there are quit a few little trails and pathways in this reserve, carefully studying the map will show you how to differentiate between the trails, Florida trail and firebreaks. I drove my car in through gate 1 and took the dirt road all the way in to the far end of the dirt road that ends in a fishing pier and small lake and 'group' campsite. On the drive ( about 3/4's in) I noticed a section of the road that the 'Florida' trail intersects. I noted this and continued on towards the fishing pier/ camp site to park my car. (didnt really want to park off the highway or small rough parking sections near the highway)

I then hiked the dirt road about 1 mile back towards we're the 'Florida trail' (I believe it's called lake to ocean trail) intersected the dirt road. From there I headed east planning to follow the trail as it curved back south then about 5 or 6 miles in, catch a firebreak back west, then another firebreak North west to my parked car. ( I highly suggest this route for day hikes as its relatively brief, very scenic and landscape changes are decent)

I saw a good amount of wildlife (turkeys, birds, woodpeckers, hawks and saw the two resident bald eagles souring later in the afternoon.)
I did the hike on Sunday Feb 10th 2013 so the temperature was good, and outof hunting season. The weather was a bit overcast, but it never Rained and I got some intermittent bursts of sunlight one in while which was a nice feeling. It was fairly windy, but that uld have been from the weather conditions.

Troop 599 walk approximately 15 miles from the entrance by the conservation camp thru trails back to campsite P along the main road. It was very wet and we waded thru couple of flooded areas. wildlife very active at night.

diverse terrain,abundant wildlife(i advise a thermacell during bug season)
caution during hunting seasons but great area

I want to visit there

This wildlife management area is great for hiking and camping or even a day of driving my Jeep on the park's dirt roads, Love it!

I only went about two miles in, it was June of 2011 and way too hot! Came back with ticks, fortunately I got all four before they bit me. Lovely low shrubs and pine trees, kinda wet though. Very beautiful wildlife (besides the ticks), I saw hawks, woodpeckers, boar, etc. I am going to complete this trail in December, when it cools down.