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2 days ago

One of my favorite rides. Paved with beautiful scenery. At the end you can continue onto the Sun Coast trail. Park attendants are pretty quick to clear debris after a storm.

Hiked to camp site 3. Well marked but map does not explain blazes

8 days ago

We've had a wet winter here, so this trail was the muddiest I've ever seen it. Enjoyable anyway.

Really easy loop-ish trail. Haha, the markers arent super helpful, but it's hard to get lost here. Nice views and very quiet despite being surrounding by homes and being in town.

Great place to bring your dogs, ride horses, or just escape for a couple hours

Great hike. There were a few places where the trail was flooded but most of the trail was dry. Bring sunscreen, bug spray and wear waterproof hiking boots.

trail running
2 months ago

Trails are not named, numbered or marked and the entrance map isn't very helpful. Trails off the road are pock marked with ankle breaker holes from horse hooves.

Other than seeing snakes, a coyote, and things scurrying away from the nearby brush, it was a pretty dull plod through the sand

Well marked. Plenty of rest areas. Dog friendly. Can be busy

Not well marked at all. Much of this area is overgrown, and what you think is the trail is not. It would be a great place to hike if it were taken care of.

Great local trail. Downloaded the GPS and had no problems following the 9.7 mile trail.

Wonderful place to find gopher tortoise walking about.

Great ride into nature but the path could be a touch smoother.

8 months ago

Deer and a bunch of turkey on this trail. Lots of additional loops to make it short or long. Pretty easy there is some soft sand to trek threw.

8 months ago

Nice easy trail with several different paths to choose from. Camping is available with a reservation.

My favorite trail in Pasco County so far. Tons of trails you can take the paved bike trail, which is for PEDs and bikes, and is a straight a hot to Suncoast trail. Or you can take the nature trails depending on what makes you comfortable the hiking trail loops have a 1.9 loop and a 3mile loop and has plenty of signs. There's an equestrian trail, corrals, and a campground for those who have never been. also a small nature trail near a playground for the kids. pretty decent walk can be there for hours.

9 months ago

Saw turtle. Dog wanted to mark turtle. Saw hawk. Great hike.

nice and flat. well kept. I have seen deer and wild turkey.

First time out. Once I found the main hiking trail, it was nice hike. Planning on coming back with my bike to explore more.

mountain biking
10 months ago

Great easy trails. Suggest you download trail maps from the SWAMP maps provided on the website. A lot of fun and very well maintained.

A little bit swampy toward the back of the trail, but over all, very enjoyable.

11 months ago

The maps are awful and inaccurate and didn’t even match each other! We were so disappointed in this park. The nature is pretty but we won’t be back.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Close to home and dog loves it

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tried to hike this trail with my Chocolate Lab and could only get so far before it became too muddy and there was too much standing water to pass. Even without the dog. I understand that the river is a Blackwater River slow moving and tea-colored but we weren’t even able to get to the river spur before we had to turn back. The rest of the route was great, quiet and remote. Markers everywhere so it is difficult to get lost. Be prepared for mud and might be impassable even in the dry months let alone in the summer where it rains everyday.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Pretty park in the middle of suburbia but hiking trails were poorly marked - another person and myself both lost the easiest trail and ended up on a bike path. The sign posts are knocked down and leaning against trees in a random manner.
Hint: Procur a map from main kiosk, it will help a lot!

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Overall a really nice trail with some good views of a lake. The trail here is much larger then the one displayed on this website though. We got a little lost because of this and would recommend that you get the map from the parks website.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Almost no markings on the trail. Lucky we had this app, otherwise we would never had finished. Most of the trail is rutted road or an improved dirt road. we did see 2 baby pigs. Overall a dull and boring hike. I would not recommend this trail.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My dog and I had a great hike today in Starkey Wilderness Park. Walked a little over 7 miles and enjoyed every mile.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Great trail for family hike!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

My wife and I had an awesome hike on the Serenova Tract this week. We began by making our way to the fishing lake noted on the map, and continued south to some lovely river crossings in beautiful woods. It was a fabulous place to stop and eat some snacks away from the heat. Really my favorite part of the trip. From there, progressed west on some water logged but exposed trails. Then headed north then east along a route by the power lines then back to the lake. The trip was enjoyable and about 10 miles. That was slightly longer than anticipated, but all around a nice journey.

Items to note: Definitely a fair amount of exposure on a number of the trails, route can be sandy or rocky at times, river crossings exist but are a blast to cool off some and filter some water, and my main complaint is the lack of signage and overgrown trails on the far west side near the power line route that heads north-south. Otherwise, well marked per the map at the entrance. Also, really nice camping spots near the entrance!

mountain biking
Friday, July 07, 2017

They added some new trails, to include Twisted Pine and Deliverance, on the south side of the paved trail. These are very nice trails, flow, and are usually high and dry. As opposed to the northern trails, which don't flow as well and are frequently muddy.

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