Easy trail that is very clean with nice scenery. We did 5.2 miles using the yellow and purple trails. Didn't see much wildlife except for one armadillo and some awesome hawks hovering above. Well worth spending a few hours walking.

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pretty easy trails with gorgeous scenery!

I like to trail run this place. Watch for pigmy rattlers when warm out.

Beautiful trails and easy to walk on . But don't forget to bring your bug spray it get bad in some spots .

Wonderful collection of trails. We did the orange, yellow and part of the east side of the purple trail. It was all very well kept and had stunning views everywhere. Saw a few armadillos and a couple families of raccoons. Will definitely be back to explore the other trails

It was so much fun! Tried to do the whole trail combo but got stuck on the purple trail due to the flooding! Can't wait to go back! Saw some wild pigs, turtles, and tons of butterflies!

Yes.. you'll need bug spray; but this trail is great for moderate mountain biking. it's long.. and is mostly shaded. definitely do this one on a regular basis.

Please make sure you put bug spray on before you hike. The Miskitos are very bad!!! Beautiful trails and a lot of wiled life

Me and my friend took our combined 5 children here for a day hike. We had a great time and were able to get some great pictures. The banana spiders are healthy and thriving in this lush environment. The marsh is beautiful with an abundance of hermit crabs. I definitely recommend this trail.

This trail is beautiful. We saw a wood pecker, cardinal and many other butterflies and birds. We also saw a raccoon, dolphins in the water and a family of pigs with a lot of piglets. I also saw some insects I've never seen before. The foliage and water views were beautiful. It was 102F when we were hiking but thankfully the trail had a lot of shade and benches along the way. We will definitely be back. This was the most wildlife we've seen on a trail in Florida during the day.

Loved the trails and that the park was not crowded at all. There was enough shade to where the heat wasn't miserable. Beautiful scenery, all I can say is BRING BUG SPRAY! Without bug spray the mosquito can definitely ruin your hike. Everytime we stopped we were swarmed with 20+ mosquitos.

Awesome. Long trails so you get time in the pack. Saw a dead bear